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Norbert Schlegel

Thanks Wolfgang for suggesting a blind trade (100x100). Clean caps and well-packaged. 15 % were new to my collection and lots of pleasant surprises.

20 February 2022
Wolfgang Niebel

Blind trade 100x100 in 02/2022. Very reliable, friendly and patient. Thank you very much and hope to see you some time.

20 February 2022
Wolfgang Niebel

Kleiner Tausch per Post, sehr schön. Willkommen in der Sammlerwelt, Thiago. Alles Gute.

1 March 2021
Peter Rae

I was very pleased with our first trade. I acquired some very nice old caps from Wolfgang and he was a pleasure to deal with. Great communication throughout. Looking forward to our next trade!

15 May 2020
Wolfgang Niebel

It was an excellent small swap by post, mainly about old and cork caps from UK. Great to talk to you, Peter. Hope to have the opportunity again.

14 May 2020
Tom Berger

Great Guy, great trade. I hope the next trade will be soon :)

2 May 2020
Wolfgang Niebel

A good first swap at Hirschaid's 2020 meeting, and hopefully not the last one. Chilled guy.

11 March 2020
Wolfgang Niebel

Multiple postal swaps each year, always a big win for both our collections. I am happy to have you as swap partner. Thanks.

21 February 2019
Manuela Maiwald

Thank you for the nice exchanges at meetings in the past and thanks for the parcel exchange. I could add lots of nice caps to my collection.

24 February 2019
Wolfgang Niebel

Several personal swaps on the Berlin Biermeile and per post (2019) as well. Always a win for both our collections. Thank you for this long-lasting friendship.

21 February 2019
Rainer Sempell

Ein sehr netter Tauschpartner!

10 January 2019
Wolfgang Niebel

A very nice small und uncomplicated postal trade of champagne tops against bottle caps. Thank you.

13 January 2019
Tim Seifert

Super Tauschpartner, danke dafür.

1 September 2018
Wolfgang Niebel

Several small postal trades, including key holders. Good guy.

17 January 2021
Rainer Mehlhorn

Danke für den schönen Tausch

12 July 2018
Wolfgang Niebel

2 x schöner kleiner Tausch per Post (2018 & 2019). Vielen Dank.

15 January 2019
Jörg Mitulla

Tolles Treffen, toller Tausch - gerne wieder

14 February 2017
Carlos Alberto Salgado

I apologize for my delay.
I personally met Wolfang a spectacular person.
One of my biggest and best exchanges.
I hope to meet you again in Portugal or Germany.
A big hug
Carlos Salgado - 2016

6 December 2016
Wolfgang Niebel

I met Carlos personally nearby Lisboa in summer 2016. It was a great meeting, we exchanged many good caps and had a pleasant chat. Hope to swap again in future.

23 August 2016
Matthias Deubel

Toller Tausch! Vielen Dank Wolfgang, gerne wieder! Perfect trade, looking forward for another trade.

20 November 2016
Wolfgang Niebel

A very nice and uncomplicated little swap by post in November 2016. Thank you very much and hopefully swap again.

7 November 2016
Michael Griesch

Feiner Tausch im Oktober 2016

4 October 2016
Wolfgang Niebel

We had 2 small special trades by post with an excellent outcome. Thanks a lot, Micha.

10 October 2016
Alberto Fernandes

We arranged a meeting at my home (August 2016) Iy was a pleasure to receive such a nice collector...many new caps for our collections...and great chat while tasted some Portuguese craft beers...hope to met you again in future...danke Wolfang!!

23 August 2016
Wolfgang Niebel

I met Alberto personally at his home in summer 2016. It was a great meeting, we exchanged many good caps and had a pleasant chat. Hope to swap again in future.

23 August 2016
Wolfgang Niebel

We meet quite regularly at the monthly Berlin collectors gatherings. There are always good new caps we exchange. Brigitte is a very pleasant and reliable trade partner. Thanks.

23 August 2016
Ari Salonen

Long lasting trade with nice communication. It took a while, but was worth it. Looking forward to trade with Wolfgang in future again.

25 February 2016
Wolfgang Niebel

A very good and highly appreciated swap by post in 2015/2016. Thanks a lot.

25 February 2016
Ute Borchert

sehr netter Kontakt :)

31 January 2016
Wolfgang Niebel

Thank you very much for the posted selection of your swap caps. I hope we meet in future to pay back.

13 January 2016
Krzysztof Mosiej

We had a great pleasure to meet and host Wolfgang during Zielone Kartki (monthly meetings of collectors from Warsaw and neighbourhood. I hope we meet again one day and make another good trade. :)

20 January 2016
Wolfgang Niebel

We had a medium direct exchange during the monthly meeting of Warsaw's collectors club &quot;Zielone Kartki&quot;, to which he invited me. Thank you very much for this hint and the caps.

9 November 2015
Karin & Lutz Rühlemann

Thanks for these personal meeting. Small, but very good trade. I hope for the next trade. Thanks Wolfgang

18 December 2015
Wolfgang Niebel

We met for a personal trade in Halle end of 2015. Although I had not much to offer with regard to Lutz' big collection it was a worthy trade and good chat about our common hobby. Thanks a lot and maybe see you again.

17 December 2015
Luan Zaganjori

a collector reliable and friendly, I had a chance to meet him in person why and came to Bologna, he has given me the caps more than I have given to him.
thank you

31 October 2015
Wolfgang Niebel

I met him personally in Bologna and he gave me dozens of caps, although I could only send mine in return later. Very nice guy. Thank you so much.

17 September 2015