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Carlos Alberto Salgado

long exchange, due to COVID 19, but the caps that Fábio sent me are spectacular. Until a new exchange.(06/20)

29 June 2020
Fabio Bruno

In spite of a heart-breaking mail delivery, my trade with Carlos has been a real success and I'm looking forward to the next one (June 2020).

28 June 2020
Andrea Salvarani

Grazie Fabio, sei una persona estremamente simpatica con cui è piacevole scambiare opinioni, chiacchiere e roba da mettere sotto i denti; ti aspetto al più presto possibile per un nuovo scambio.

26 June 2020
Fabio Bruno

Andrea è una persona talmente squisita che con lui i tappi passano in secondo se non in terzo piano, specialmente quando ci sono di mezzo Pignolino ed erbazzone. E comunque, anche i suoi tappi sono di altissimo livello!

15 October 2018
Marco Odorici

One of my best cap collector friends, if it weren't for his loyalty to Milwall :(
Ahahahahah !!! My friend, I've been a little behind in replying to the CC.I. messages! A hug!

21 April 2020
Fabio Bruno

One of my very best cap-collector friends, if it wasn't for his West Ham allegiance :(

15 October 2018
Eduard Casas i Pesqué

Molt bon canvi

17 March 2020
Fabio Bruno

Edu is one of the friendliest partners I have ever traded with and I owe him a big thanks for the caps he gave me.

13 April 2019
Toni Campos

Ok. Todo Perfecto

15 March 2020
Fabio Bruno

It's hard to find the right words to rate this trade. Let's say &quot;excellent&quot; and thanks a lot for the extra caps!

20 September 2013
Luis Alberto Bendin

Un Capo Total, Nos encontramos en Genoma y se inicio una relación de Amistad
Gracias Totales

23 December 2019
Fabio Bruno

I spent an unforgettable night with Luis and Saverio Reggio here in Genova, his excellent caps are the least I should talk about. The next round will in Buenos Aires, I hope!

29 December 2017
Dietmar Schwab

Highly recommended!! Very smooth trade - and not the last, by the way!

1 November 2019
Fabio Bruno

One of my favourite trade partners, and I have had more than 200...

4 November 2019
Harry Bohlemann

All perfect ! Many thanks and hope till next ...

20 September 2019
Fabio Bruno

Very generous and reliable partner, good trades are guaranteed !!

28 September 2019
Pawel Goldyn

Excellent and kind collector. Great bottle caps, friendly communication. Thanks so much Fabio and see you next time :-)

22 July 2019
Fabio Bruno

Friendly, helpful, communicative partner, I wish there were more like him!

28 May 2019
Jan Kołodziej


16 June 2019
Fabio Bruno

Excellent trade, thank you !!!!

15 June 2019
Igor Šmakov

thakn you !!!

29 May 2019
Fabio Bruno

Excellent trade with Igor, good caps and fast shipping!

1 June 2019
Fabio Bruno

Superb selection of Polish beer caps, great trade with Tomasz!

30 March 2019
Sergey Nikolaev

Very good trade!!!

23 January 2019
Fabio Bruno

Stunning caps from Russia and former USSR countries, and a kind, friendly attitude that's well over the average. A top trade partner that I can recommend to anybody.

22 January 2019
Mauro Trocchi

Tutto ok. A presto per altri scambi.

17 December 2018
Fabio Bruno

Friendly and helpful partner, I had a very pleasant trade with Mauro.

23 April 2016
Kamil Rzeziński

Great exchange and beautiful caps. Sorry for the delay. I Hope we'll trade again in the future!

25 November 2018
Fabio Bruno

Excellent Polish caps, easy communication and extremely fair: my best rating to Kamil.

24 November 2018
Fabio Bruno

Collezionista gentilissimo, serio e collaborativo: è stato un piacere conoscerci di persona a Firenze e grazie dei tappi, davvero belli!

15 October 2018
Ludmil Fotev

E sempre un piacere scoprire nuovi amici al raduno di Firenze, e l'atmosphera inegualabile! grazie, Fabio!

15 October 2018
Fabio Bruno

Simpaticissimo e amichevole, è stato davvero piacevole scambiare tappi e discorrere di vari argomenti al raduno di Firenze (13/10/2018).

14 October 2018
Leszek Stankiewicz

Two exchanges, I recommend.

7 July 2018
Fabio Bruno

Leszek and I made a couple of successful trades so far and he gave me some very nice Polish caps. Friendly partner, absolutely recommendable.

28 June 2018
Aurelio Oliveira

Very nice collector. Good communication, very nice caps.

4 July 2018
Fabio Bruno

Excellent selection of Brazilian caps and a very friendly attitude: my best rating to Aurelio!

11 December 2017
Danny Pieters

Very good collector ! Nice Italian micros. Thanks Fabio for the great trade. 9/02/2018

18 February 2018
Fabio Bruno

Excellent selection of Belgian caps, fast shipping, very generous and easy to deal with: my experience with Danny is a perfect example of what I mean with &quot;a perfect trade&quot;.

18 February 2018