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Pablo Lordan

All very correct. Quick exchange and good quality, I hope to change again with Mark. Thank you so much

7 March 2020
Mark Tylicki

Pablo and I completed a trade of 100 crowns. It was smooth all around and caps arrived nicely packaged. Very happy with the exchange.

6 March 2020
Luca Albizzi

Excellent exchange, courteous and helpful person. Thank you Mark

9 March 2019
Mark Tylicki

Luca and I traded 115+ caps. Received package in perfect order with crowns neatly packaged to ensure they arrived in great shape. Thanks for a great swap.

6 March 2019
Vasiliy A. Russkikh

Good caps, good change!

24 January 2019
Mark Tylicki

WOW! What a trade! Vasily helped me with several caps from my &quot;Most Wanted&quot; list. We exchanged 175+ crowns and I'm extremely pleased. Received some great caps to add to the collection and the correspondence was great all the way. Thank you so much.

23 January 2019
Илья Сериков

Thank for change Mark!

26 December 2018
Mark Tylicki

Ilya and I completed a large trade of 100+ caps and it was problem free. I received lots of fantastic additions to my collection. All of the communications were great and I look forward to the next exchange. Thank you.

23 January 2019
Евгений Слобода

ноябрь 2018г. обмен на отлично, все очень быстро и отличные крышки, плюс бонусы, рекомендую...

14 November 2018
Mark Tylicki

We had a wonderful exchange as well as some great conversation. I received some great Russian crowns and am very happy with the trade. Thank you.

12 December 2018
Thomas Steindorff

Thx for this great trade. I received great caps in a very good condition from a great range. Thank you so much.

30 September 2018
Mark Tylicki

Just completed a fantastic trade with Thomas of 200+ crowns. Received lots of set crowns and increased my numbers for Austria, Germany, etc. Thank you so much for an easy and fun exchange.

29 September 2018
Jürgen Terbeck

Very good trade with a very pleasant and friendly collector. I got so many beautiful caps from USA. Thank you so much, Mark.

17 September 2018
Mark Tylicki

Received 12 caps to fill some sets, three additional complete sets, and several other beautiful crowns in an outstanding trade. So happy for the collection boost. Thank you!

12 September 2018
Bruno Bouisset Carrascal

Exelent colletor! Very nice trade! Many new USA caps for my collection.
Thanks Mark!
(July 2018)

8 August 2018
Mark Tylicki

Received a wonderful package of 75+ crowns carefully wrapped and in great shape. Easy deal and fun all the way. THANK YOU!

14 August 2018
Jacky Besegher

i've never reeceived caps
no answer for my mail

9 July 2018
Cheryl Borchardt

Thanks Mark for the good trade and the cork lined RC Cola cap

13 June 2018
Mark Tylicki

We traded 120+ caps and I received them in perfect order within a few weeks. Fantastic communication, great in every aspect. Thank you!!!

22 May 2018
Mark Tylicki

Completed a fantastic trade (100+) with Alessandro and received crowns in perfect order. Very happy all around. Thank you.

24 April 2018
Liz Collins

Made a small trade with Mark. Part as a blind trade.
Received some excellent well packaged USA caps.
Excellent and friendly communication. Do hope to trade with him again in the future.

13 April 2018
Mark Tylicki

Completed a small trade (~35 caps) but very worthwhile. Great communication, friendly. Received some beautiful UK caps in perfect condition. Shipment arrived carefully wrapped with pristine crowns. Thank you so much.

13 April 2018
Mac Remington

Friendly guy and very quick to respond. We worked out a nice trade. Hope to do some more in the future!

11 April 2018
Mark Tylicki

Completed a great trade with Mac awhile back. I'm looking forward to the next exchange. Plus, he loves fishing!

12 December 2018
Günther Engels

Mark is a very reliable and friendly trading partner,
we had a good and big trade in March 2018.
I hope to trade with him again in the future.

9 April 2018
Mark Tylicki

Guenther and I completed a great trade and I received the caps within a week. Incredible! He helped me with several German sets and sent a bunch of other fantastic crowns. In all, we exchanged over 120 caps. Thank you!!!

8 April 2018
Javier Cueto

Great trade in 2015. I recommend him.

27 March 2018
Peter Berkvens

I saw on '' that Mark was looking for some Dutch caps.
When I told him I could help him, he offered a bigger trade.
We had an excellent trade (100 caps). Most caps were in a perfect condition.
I can recommend Mark to all collectors of crowncaps.
Trades made in this way are a joy.
Thank you, Mark.

2 March 2018
Mark Tylicki

The post offices of the world (and most likely Customs Authorities) took their time with this package but after a 2 1/2 month wait, a beautiful package of Dutch caps arrived and I was thrilled. Peter was courteous and understanding the whole time. I was very thankful the package was not lost. I was able to add 130+ crowns to my collection. Very happy, thank you.

16 May 2018
Achim Hein

fantastic trade
thank you very much
hope we do it again

6 February 2018
Mark Tylicki

Completed a great trade with Achim today upon receipt of 150+ fantastic crowns from Germany. Packaged arrived in perfect shape with caps all wrapped carefully and neat. THANK YOU!!!

2 February 2018
Thomas Langer

Thanks Mark for this big trade. I got the parcel in perfect condition, the caps also. I'd like to exchange again.

2 February 2018
Mark Tylicki

Completed a great trade with Thomas today upon receipt of 150 fantastic crowns from Germany/Europe. Packaged arrived in perfect shape with caps all wrapped carefully and neat. THANK YOU!!!

2 February 2018
Svetlana Kamolikova

Thank you very much for the trade!

31 January 2018
Mark Tylicki

Svetlana hooked me up with several caps off my &quot;Most Wanted&quot; list and others with amazing graphics. Small trade of 15-20 caps but perfect in every way. I'm really happy with what I received and the friendly back-n-forth communication. THANK YOU!!!

11 February 2018
Mark Tylicki

Received 130+ caps from Thomas filling several &quot;wants&quot; including several Karamalz singles I needed to complete sets. I'm very happy with this trade. Thank you so much!!!

18 January 2018