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Ala Karanauskiene

Andrew, thanks You very much for nice caps from UK

18 February 2022
Andrew Kearley

Nice simple trade of UK beer caps for Lithuanian beer caps. Easy communications and quick dispatch and delivery. A trusted collector - recommended.

12 February 2022
Ogulcan Ates

Very fast postage and high quality caps. Thanks for the nice trade!

26 February 2021
Andrew Kearley

Thanks for an excellent first trade of UK beer caps for Turkish beer caps. I hope we can arrange more trades in the future. Regards, Andrew

27 February 2021
Andrew Kearley

I have purchased caps from Satish on a number of occasions and never had any issues.

27 February 2021
Joan Torramorell

Change perfect!
Good collector and better persone.
Gracias amigo!

28 July 2020
Andrew Kearley

Quick simple trade and easy communications. I hope we are able to arrange a further trade this year.

28 July 2020
Janusz Mroz

Thank you. Hope deal again soon

28 June 2020
Andrew Kearley

First trade with Janusz very successful. I hope we can trade again in the near future

28 June 2020
Artem Shevanov

Recommend, super exchange

10 June 2020
Vitalijs Karlo

Very friendly collector and great trade. See you in the future!

16 April 2020
Andrew Kearley

I was very happy to be able to offer Vitalijs a selection of UK beer caps to add to his collection. I hope he continues to enjoy crowncap collecting and builds a good collection over time. Best wishes, Andrew

16 April 2020
Andrew Kearley

Great first trade with Jose. We were both able to make cap choices quickly from good trade stocks and completed a sizeable deal in just a few days. Jose was easy to communicate with and promptly dispatched the caps I had selected. I highly recommend him as a trading partner.

1 May 2019
Jean-Pierre B.

Very nice trade with Andrew (2019-03). Beautiful British caps, including series. Very good package and fast delivery. Many thanks, and hope for a new trade soon.

24 March 2019
Andrew Kearley

Great first trade with Jean-Pierre, exchanging UK beer caps for French beer caps. His communications are excellent and he offered many new French micro brewery crowncaps. Exchange was completed promptly with no delays. I highly recommend Jean-Pierre as a trading partner.

20 March 2019
Nils & Jürgen Thelen

One of my best trades.
Lots of brandnew british caps and the pleasure to communicate with a good guy.
Longing for our next trade.
Top quality caps.

14 March 2019
Andrew Kearley

Great first trade with Juergen. He was very generous and offered me a great many French beer caps (including micro brewery caps) that I did not have already. Communications were straightforward and we concluded a prompt trade completion and postage. I look forward to trading with him again in the future.

13 March 2019
Peter Rae

Some of my best trades have been with Andrew and he is a font of knowledge where UK beers are concerned.

30 January 2019
Andrew Kearley

I've had the pleasure of trading UK caps with Peter over the past couple of years now. He is as dedicated to collecting crowncaps as anyone I know and is a generous trading partner. I greatly appreciate his contribution to my own UK caps collection. He probably has the most extensive collection of UK non-beer caps anywhere.

27 February 2020
Wlodzimierz  Aleksander Jankowski

Thanks a lot for so much British caps to my collection

11 April 2018
Andrew Kearley

Excellent first trade with Alex. He offered a very good selection of Polish beer caps including many that I hadn't seen previously. The communications were easy and the trade was completed within a couple of says. I'd be happy to trade with Alex again - any time. Cheers, Andrew

9 April 2018
Lukasz Skala

Thank you for nice and fast exchange!

21 March 2018
Andrew Kearley

Great first trade with Lukasz who was able to provide me with two new sets of Polish beer caps for my collection. Easy communications and quick selection made this a pleasurable trade and one I hope we can repeat in the future.

21 March 2018
Mac Remington

Great all around person and collector. Always lots to chat about and learn from Andrew!

Look forward to many more trades

20 March 2018
Andrew Kearley

I had a great initial trade with Mac in March 2017 and look forward to the next one. Easy communications and a great selection of US &amp; Canada beer caps to offer. He's my go-to collector guy in Vancouver!

20 March 2018
Liz Collins

Made a small trade with Andrew. This was very successful and I would happily trade again.

2 February 2018
Andrew Kearley

Initial small trade with Liz was vey successful. Excellent communications and willingness to conclude the trade. I wish Liz well with her cap collecting and welcome her to the group of UK crowncap collectors. I'm sure we will trade again in the future.

27 January 2018
Mark Tylicki

One of my favorite trades of all-time - 110+ caps including several old, obsolete crowns. Lots of beautiful caps in perfect shape. Royal Post/USPS took their time getting the package to me (X-Mas Holiday delay) but it arrived in perfect order with all the caps individually packaged in plastic baggies. I am delighted. This puts a big dent in my British sub-collection. Lots of great communication from Andrew throughout the exchange. Thank you so, so much!!!

23 January 2018
Andrew Kearley

First trade with Mark of 100+ beer crowncaps including mix of contemporary, obsolete and cork-backed. Prompt dispatch and easy communications. Excellent trading partner - highly recommended.

23 December 2017
Kal Bavisi

Excellent trade, perfect caps, good communication and fast mailing.
Recommend to all.

6 January 2018
Andrew Kearley

Great first trade with Kal. Easy communications and a pleasure to trade with. I hope we get to trade again many more times in the future.

8 January 2018
Svetlana Kamolikova

Andrew, thank you so much!

30 November 2017
Andrew Kearley

I enjoyed a very positive trading experience with Svetlana back in 2013, before she joined this collectors' website. I'm pleased that she has now joined and I wish her well in her future trades.

30 November 2017
Paul Tharme

Excellent small trade plus gift of two small boxes of caps. Much appreciated. Prompt communication and very knowledgeable. Look forward to more trades.

24 June 2017
Andrew Kearley

I have completed a number of small trades with Paul. He is always helpful and knowledgeable about UK beers. It is always a pleasure to trade with him and I recommend him as a trade partner.

19 June 2017