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Artur Lorenc

Very good exchange, very good contact. thank you and I hope I'll hear from you soon

16 February 2020
Hans Van der Aa

Mooie doppen ,goede ruil
Bedankt Kees

5 February 2020
Filippo Fangarezzi

Good trade at Noordhorn meeting, thanks!

July 2019

14 July 2019
Heiko Anderka

Vielen Dank!Schöner Tausch!Gerne wieder!

17 December 2018
Kees Booij

nice person to trade with, always fair!

14 March 2018
Lucas Propper

bedankt voor de mooie ruil in Noordhorn!

17 July 2018
Yves De Ronne

Good trade in Noordhorn

16 July 2018
David van Wijck

Did a small but nice trade with cork lined caps!

5 April 2018
Bernhard Büsser

Always a pleasure, thanks again for a nice trade!

31 March 2018
Kees Booij

the best collector to get nice swiss caps, great for exchnage

14 March 2018
Auke Hulshof

Snelle reactie
Mooie set gekocht.

31 March 2018
Victoria Celushkovska

Very good trades ( personal and in meeting time ) with Kees! Thanks a lot!

24 March 2018
Kees Booij

if you need nice baltic (or russian) caps, its great to trade with Victoria
we traded several time, alwys satisfied with teh trade

14 March 2018
Kees Booij

very kind and good collector .. if you need belgian caps ... contact him!

14 March 2018
Jacek Cisek

Nice exchange at Hirschaid KKFT 2018

15 March 2018
Rich Chinnock

Nice trade at 2018 KKF after years of trading!

15 March 2018
Kees Booij

traded great caps with Rich during KKF 2018 !

14 March 2018
Chaz Lebouthillier

Glad that I could give you so many Canadian caps. Great trade!


9 March 2018
Kees Booij

perfect tade during KKF 2018

14 March 2018
Rainer Sempell

honest partner! very kind! best!

15 January 2018
Jan Kok

Kees, you where the first collector I traded with years ago. you helped me to explane how this world works. thank, and also for the many caps you gave me that day . was maybe 10 years ago but thanks for that, I still enjoy it

26 July 2017
Marco Petrik

Small but excellent trades up to now! Up to next ones! :)

27 December 2015
Kees Booij

great collectors with a great diversity of world-wide trading caps

14 March 2018