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Artur Lorenc

Very good exchange, very good contact. thank you and I hope I'll hear from you soon

16 February 2020
Gerjo Mourik

Traded with Artur without problems. Nice caps, good and fast contact. We decided to send caps with track&amp;trace and package arrived soon enough.

Thanks Artur, we might exchange again in the future!


17 January 2020
Linda de Blonde

Fantastische ruil gedaan met Gerjo. Prettig persoon!

17 January 2020
Gerjo Mourik

Amazing enthousiastic collector with an interesting collection of trade-caps!
We did a 200/200 trade on 01/2020.

Dankjewel Linda!

17 January 2020
Guido Vogelaar

very big trade 577 caps a lot from colombia and the USA
good contact and would like to trade again,
good luck with the collection Guido

17 January 2020
Vittorio Tummolo

Gerjo thanks! very good boy ... serious and sensitive ... thanks also for extra plugs ... it was a sweet surprise ... I hope that in the future there will be other exchanges ... you are a rock!

7 March 2014
Gerjo Mourik

Some collectors a very special. Undescribable. Trading in future is absolutely a good idea Vittorio!

9 September 2014
Arno Baart

Great trade! Thank you for the extra caps!

11 February 2014
Gerjo Mourik

Trading in own language, such a privilege. Very nice communication, good caps!

9 September 2014
John  Michael Breheny

top collector--interesting trade,

31 January 2014
Gerjo Mourik

John a.k.a. &quot;Crowncapologist&quot;,

Many, many thanks for the very nice trade of caps. Extraordinary good quality!

31 January 2014
Mark Heinicke

Nice trade. 198 caps Jan 2014

29 January 2014
Gerjo Mourik

Very nice trade Mark! Thanks a lot for this beauties!

23 February 2014
Hundry van der Leeden

17/01/2014 geruild met Gerjo.
Prettige mooie ruil, bedankt voor het ruilen en langs komen.

Trade with Gerjo.
He have nice and beautiful caps, thanks for trade.

25 January 2014
Gerjo Mourik

Drove to Hundry's home, traded 'real life', which was a very interesting experience!

9 September 2014
Leen Baas

Gerjo, prachtige kroonkurken, bedankt

4 January 2014
Gerjo Mourik

Prachtige kroonkurken Leen! Bedankt voor de ruil.

26 January 2014
Nils & Detlef Holz

Perfect trade; a lot of nice caps in excelent quality. Thanks

28 October 2013
Gerjo Mourik

Very good quality caps and a nice contact!

10 December 2013
Rafał Marcinkowski

Thanks for good and fast trades.

10 October 2013
Gerjo Mourik

Did a very nice plus 100/100 blind trade with Rafal. This guy is:
1. flashing quick!
2. very precise!
3. Giving extra caps!

6 October 2013
Александр Саломатов

There were difficulties, all is well.

19 September 2013
Gerjo Mourik

We fixed this situation, just a lost package in postal service somewhere. Alexander selected new caps, and I sent a package again.

1 May 2013
Rob Hart

Nice trade, thanks for the extra caps!

1 September 2013
Gerjo Mourik

Nice, quick trade and beautiful caps. Even some extra caps for trading. Good deal Rob, once again in the future!

31 August 2013
Barnabás Medgyesi

good trade, good collector.

10 February 2013
Gerjo Mourik

Good trade, good guy, excellent caps! Thanks!

28 November 2012
Tsvetomir Stoitsev

Thank you Gerjo! Very good trade!

30 January 2013
Gerjo Mourik

Very nice, young trader! His English is much better than most older traders! I would really like to trade again in the future Tsvetomir, when your collecition is also even bigger!

3 February 2013
Artur Wilkosz

I would love to thank you for the caps.

22 January 2013
Gerjo Mourik

Nice trader, lot of nice caps.

3 February 2013
Carlos Alberto Salgado

Very nice caps. Good trade. Perfect. Until next trade. Thanks

8 January 2013
Gerjo Mourik

This guy deliveres very quick (he has to thank the postoffice for that... ;-)
And had really, really good quality and nice caps!

1 December 2012
René Trabandt

Super trade with Gerjo!!!
He sends me very, very fast a parcel with exellent crown caps in good condition. Very reliable trade partner!!! Nice communication - all is great!!! The best recommendation!!!
Thank you very much for this beautiful excange Gerjo - I'm looking forward to our next trade!!!
Trade 59:59 caps - 30.12.2012

31 December 2012
Gerjo Mourik

Nice caps, quickly delivered. Once I'm a grown up collector, I'll contact again for another trade! ;-)

27 December 2012
Steven Fox

Gerjo is a great cap collector who trade was fast and post the caps fast. He was apleasure to trade with and I look forward to trade with him in the future.

31 December 2012
Gerjo Mourik

Big trade, about 100 caps exchanged. Thank you very much!

30 December 2012
Guillaume Ruhaut

No Problem, That will be nice

30 December 2012
Gerjo Mourik

Nice caps, next time we make a bigger trade, ok?

30 December 2012