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Danny Pieters

Very good trade, splendid caps, thanks a lot Don for this nice swop !! 27/03/2019

18 April 2019
Margarita Jankauskienė

Thank you, Donald, for a wonderful fast trade. Good luck in finding new caps:))

10 May 2016
Philippe Reneux

bel échange merci

26 April 2016
Donald Powell

Great trade - thanks!

26 May 2015
Donn Neal

Excellent caps, a good website, and very pleasant to work with. I look forward to a second trade soon.

The second trade was just as great, and I can recommend Don as an excellent trader.

18 March 2015
Donald Powell

Donn is a very pleasant and knowledgeable trader, not to mention a real pleasure to deal with. Prompt, courteous and excellent communicator. Glad we crossed paths and hope to trade again!

18 March 2015
Mauro Bardi

Ottimo scambio, grazie.
Ciao. Mauro

2 March 2015
Donald Powell

Very nice selection of trade caps and a pleasure to work with, good communicator. Thanks for the caps!

5 December 2013
Donald Powell

Great trade and communication, thanks Benji!

10 February 2015
Ojars Sulte

Very good trade, fast shipment! Thank you very much for Bermuda caps :)

16 February 2015
Donald Powell

Nice trade and a pleasure to deal with, thanks Ojars

19 February 2015
Theo Fauth - trade und Shop

135 Caps traded, excelent trade partner.
Thank`s Donald !

13 February 2015
Donald Powell

135 caps traded, excellent trade partner!

10 February 2015
Robert Nabiullin


14 December 2014
Donald Powell

Highly recommended, thanks Robert!

4 December 2014
Anna Kopeva

Thanks for the good trade!

10 December 2014
Donald Powell

Nice blind trade. Thanks!

30 December 2014
Zdenko Stok

I am very happy ,because I made a nice sharing with a nice person I hope for future that we have again so friendly exchange.Don , thank you again .

7 December 2014
Donald Powell

Highly recommend - thanks Zdenko!

4 December 2014
Ryszard Buda

Thank you for a great trade, recommending the collector lots.

6 December 2014
Donald Powell

Highly recommend - thanks Ryszard!

4 December 2014
Francisco Montanaro Bertinat

Highly reccomended! Amazing communication and caps..! Will trade again for sure!
Thanks Don!!!

19 November 2014
Donald Powell

Great trade and trading partner, excellent communication throughout. Thanks Francisco!

4 December 2014
Chaz Lebouthillier

Thanks for a great trade! Many nice old and new caps. Thanks for the extras too!


6 November 2014
Donald Powell

Nice trade, pleasant to work with. Thanks Chaz!

7 November 2014
Donald Powell

Great trade and communication, thanks Jim!

4 November 2014
Donald Powell

Prompt reliable trader, generous with throw-ins. Thanks Szymon!

4 February 2014
Juan Campistrous

muy buen cambio

2 April 2014
Donald Powell

Nice small trade - thank you Juan

2 April 2014