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Dave Cole

very happy

27 January 2022
Eric Budesheim

Trade with Dave took a long time to come full circle but the fault of that is on me. Dave was able to supply me with some caps I was searching for for a long time. Excellent communication and rapid shipment once the swap was finalized. I would recommend this collector from western Canada.

15 February 2022
David Wood

Very good friendly collector, with some excellent trade caps. Eric was very good communicating and his caps were well packaged and delivery was quite quick.
It was a privilege dealing with Eric, thanks again.

12 July 2021
Eric Budesheim

It has been quite some time since I have done an international trade as shipping rates are usually very cost prohibitive and with my current collecting interest it is difficult to find collectors from outside of USA to be able to help me add to my collection. However, in steps David Wood from the UK. After a few correspondences back and forth we agreed upon nice selections that we are both very pleased to have in our respective collections. Whenever I seek something special from Great Brittan David will certainly be the collector I reach out to first.

13 July 2021
Alexander Susdorf

Good collector.
Thank you Eric !

19 August 2013
Eric Budesheim

Recent trade with Alexander went smoothly. Rapid shipping and quality caps. August 23, 2013.

23 August 2013
Grzegorz Mosiej

Good, patient swap partner, highly enriched my collection.

18 July 2013
Eric Budesheim

Just completed a small trade with Grzegorz. While it took FOREVER (2+ months) for his parcel to reach me I blame this on the Polish post. Grzegorz had great communication and he made every effort to trace this parcel during the delay.

I will comment that shipping cost to Poland are very very expensive and I would need to be offered great new caps in which I have interest to do another trade with collectors in Poland.

17 July 2013
Andrew Kearley

Completed a special limited cap trade with Eric having found something specific that he was collecting in exchange for a couple of rare Uk caps from defunct UK breweries. Excellent. I hope we get an opportunity to trade again. I am pleased to have made the contact with Eric.

8 March 2013
Eric Budesheim

Just completed a very small and specific trade with Andrew. Great communication and rapid shipment. Great collector from the UK. March 8, 2013.

8 March 2013
Eric Budesheim

Decent small trade. Kyle had not provided one cap that I was seeking in the first parcel but quickly got it to me when he was able to actually obtain it in duplicate. Good communication, interesting material. Oct. 17, 2012

17 October 2012
Kasper Cornelus

Excellent collector with great collection and great tradecaps, always a pleasure to trade with.

9 October 2012
Eric Budesheim

Nice little trade with Kasper. Kasper is always open to a swap no matter the size. Great communication, fast shipping. I would trade again. March 5, 2012.

5 March 2012
Jason Kassler

A very nice quality trade, always welcome.

23 May 2012
Eric Budesheim

Trade took some time to develop but great material from across the country. Would trade again.

Just completed another small trade with my buddy from sunny California. Great US collector. 05/27/11

Seems like a yearly thing... Jason and I just completed another quality trade. Great collector from the west coast of USA. 05/23/12

10 February 2009
Yaroslav Mikhailov

Excellent trade.
To new meetings!

29 April 2012
Eric Budesheim

Always a good trade w/ Jaroslav. He helps me out with special caps and I owe him a large debt of gratitude. 2nd successful trade.

8 March 2013
Ken Burgdorff

Good trade, good communication, good job

15 April 2012
Eric Budesheim

No problems with this west coast collector, nice material, good communication. March 20, 2012.

21 March 2012
Dan Ionescu

Very good trade! Thank you Eric.

(July 2011)

9 November 2011
Eric Budesheim

August 8,2011. Nice trade with Dan. Good communication and a nice new set for my collection. No problems, fast shipment. I would trade again.

9 August 2011
Matthias Schupfer

Perfect trade and thanks for the extra caps!

11 September 2011
Eric Budesheim

August 7, 2011. One lone cherry crown was sent from Italy to USA to add to the theme. Great trade with this great collector. Thanks!

8 August 2011
Marco + Velma Petrik

Two trades in 2003 and 2011 up to now! Always a pleasure!

22 August 2011
Eric Budesheim

August 5, 2011 - Great trade with Marco. Good communication and great caps. Recommended.

5 August 2011
Quentin Boulogne

Eric came to me by himself to provide me advice, and also offer me some caps to help me starting my collection.

15 July 2011
Eric Budesheim

Small trade with &quot;Boo Boo&quot; in the spring of 2011. No problems. Enthusiastic young collector.

15 July 2011
Bartosz Grabowski

Not only has he lots of very good exchange materials, but he is a cool guy also :)

5 June 2011
Eric Budesheim

First trade with Bartek was great. A simple discussion made things go quickly. A new friend from the great country of Poland. 03/01/11

2 March 2011
Nils & Jürgen Thelen

Long, long trade with that good guy.
Thanks Eric for beeing patient.
We enjoyed that trade and think of you, as we have &quot;special caps&quot; for ya...

31 May 2011
Eric Budesheim

Juergen & Nils discussed a trade with me long ago but it never got a chance to take place. Recently however, we were able to agree on a nice little trade in which I was able to add a nice new set into my collection as well as add some nice caps to theirs. Great communication from these collectors, very easy to work with and very rapid shipment from France. I would trade again with these veteran collectors. 05/27/11

>>>> Feb 6, 2013. Another nice swap with my friends in France. Nice new sets for the collection.

28 May 2011
Elija und Michael Podwonek

Very great collector. He sent us very nice caps from the USA and it was a pleasure to trade with Eric. Very fast shipment. Trade without any problems. We look forward to trade again. Thank you very, very much - Eric!
April 2011

1 May 2011
Eric Budesheim

I received an e-mail from Elija and Micha with a trade offer after I posted a &quot;wanted&quot; message in the CCI shout-box. After a bit of discussion we were able to work out a nice, mutually beneficial trade. Great communication and very fast shipment. I am pleased with this German collector family. Danke! 4/27/11

27 April 2011
Luiz Gustavo Cruz Henriques

Hi Eric and my friend collectors!

What Eric said is all correct! Unfortunately I have been late in almost all my tradings because of my working travels around Brazil. In fact, it has nothing to do with not answering emails, but since february my dayly routine is being a mess...

Tino Nadler from Germany and Mike from New Zealand were alo waiting on me for a long time and, as I did with Eric, I had to say Im sorry for a thousand times.

As reputation is all we have (right buddies?), I thank you Eric for the good feedback and for telling everybody in clear words that I did not cheated on you! =)

Well... thank God all my caps were sent and are arriving! But maybe I will be off for new tradings for some more time in order to not let new partners wait on me...

See you next trade, Eric! Thanks!!! The caps were AMAZING!!!


1 May 2011
Eric Budesheim

Let me first first say, Luiz is a good man. Prior to our swap we had great communication in the shout-box and via e-mail on many topics from caps to life in general. That being said, this is a slightly difficult review to write... I received the caps from Luiz as we agreed upon. From the point where we agreed upon the trade until the arrival of the caps I do wish the communication from Luiz was better however. I found myself waiting for a very long time for the caps. Luiz seemed to "disappeared" and this was after a string of great communication, which seemed completely out of character. I rate Luiz as Highly Recommendable since the caps did arrive and they were sent registered, it was a painful waiting period however due to lack of communication. Luiz and I have been in contact since the arrival of the parcel and it is now understood why the delay occurred and I feel confident mine was an isolated incident.

A message to collectors- respond to e-mails and send caps upon completion of trade discussion.

20 April 2011
Harry Sgodda

A very good trading partner. Thanx.

24 April 2011
Eric Budesheim

After we began discussing a trade almost a year ago, Harry and I finally were able to recently make a mutually beneficial swap. Great communication, and nice caps I needed for my collection. Sorry I missed this collector when I was in Berlin in June of 2010. Would trade again. 4/6/11

6 April 2011
Alberto Fernandes

One of my short trades but ... I'm happy to being able to get one cap he's looking after to complete the set...
Thanks Eric for the extra caps you sent, really appreciated

1 April 2011
Eric Budesheim

Alberto was able to complete a set for me with one loose crown that I searched for a very long time. His communication was excellent and his effort to assist me was unmatched. Excellent collector who now has a dedicated crown cap friend in the USA. 04/01/11

1 April 2011