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Chaz Lebouthillier

Thank you for selling me some caps at Hirschaid 2018! Can't wait to see you next year.


23 March 2018
Edzo Paap

Thanks for the bicycles and Radlers

18 November 2014
Wietze Veld

We met at the BAV meeting september 2009. Very nice guy and easy to trade with.

20 September 2009
Yaroslav Mikhailov

The best trade, all super!
To new meetings.
Good luck!

6 May 2013
Elija und Michael Podwonek

Super Tausch beim KKF-Treffen 2013 in Hirschaid. Sehr netter, angenehmer, hilfsbereiter und zukommender Tauschpartner.
Danke für deine Hilfe!

25 March 2013
Karin & Lutz Rühlemann

Very nice and generous trade partner.

22 January 2013
Wietze Veld

Very nice and easy going trading. Very recommendable trade partner.

22 January 2013
Renno Langeraert

Nice collector.

12 November 2012
Wietze Veld

Renno I know through the BAV tradeshows. Already knew him from the times I was still collecting Dutch beer labels.
We never traded that much but he is always interested in the good (Dutch) stuff and has some nice to offer as well. Very good collector.

14 January 2009
Leif Larsen

Special agreement meant that I received a bunch of, for me, good new Danish caps. Wietze got many unused U.S. soda caps, with and without cork-lined. Happy trading with an excellent collector. Welcome back.

9 April 2012
Wietze Veld

Great trade. It took a while (because of me:) ) but in the end both parties were happy.
Very nice collector, great and quick communication.
Always a pleasure to trade with.

8 April 2012
Angel Arenas

Nice trade. Wonderfull caps.

3 April 2012
Wietze Veld

Very easy going and very quick to respond.
A great trade, very nice crown caps, thank you !

2 April 2012
Cinto Sistaré

WOW, always super-nice caps. Thanks a lot.

25 March 2012
Wietze Veld

Always a pleasure doing business with Cinto. We both have our specialties and it is a great pleasure to be able to make a trade. Always great crown caps.

24 March 2012
Nils & Jürgen Thelen

Finally we &quot;traded&quot; some caps with him.
And one more time we got marvellous caps in return.
Always the best to meet him personally at the meetings.
He's the sunshine in the neon light shined trading rooms ...;-)
All the best for you.

11 March 2012
Wietze Veld

Very enthusiastic collector and a very nice person.

22 March 2012
Andrey Baykov

Great trade! Very excellent caps and sets!

19 July 2011
Wietze Veld

Very prompt and nice collector to trade with.
Thank you very much for the great crowns !

19 July 2011
Steven Savoca

Wietze needs no introduction or kudos. His reputation preceeds him.

2 April 2011
Roberto Alscher

few personality meeting in Germany and Netherlands.
always good trade partner

26 March 2011
Wietze Veld

I have known Roberto for quite a while. We have traded in the past several times and met each other at trade shows. Very active collector and nice person to have a beer with (and to trade with :) )

20 January 2009
Armand-Gérard Blachier

Thanks for this trade in 2007

14 October 2010
Audrius Ivanauskas

Very nice collector, very nice contact. Will hope to trade in the future:)

6 September 2010
Wietze Veld

Very nice guy to chat with and very patient when trading. Thank you very much for a nice trade.

6 September 2010
Tino Nadler

great collector! good small trade

8 July 2010
Stiev Drechsel

Immer wieder gern!Sehr netter Tauschpartner!

24 April 2010
David Gray

yes we had a good time trading in 2009 and 2010 and i´m looking forward to trade with you again in the future

8 April 2010
Wietze Veld

We met for the first time at the KKF meeting in 2009. Very nice (and funny) guy and very easy to trade with.

8 April 2010
C. Tietjen

Always good trades with him, always fast easy and friendly.

31 March 2010
Wietze Veld

I first met Christian way back in the 90's at a BAV trade show in Enschede.
Since then we have had some great trades. Great collector, highly recommendable.

3 April 2010
Kevin Kirk

Wietze is the best. A pleasure to deal with and all caps are top quality.

24 March 2010
Wietze Veld

A very nice and easy to trade with collector. Fast, prompt and just a nice collector.

7 January 2010