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Ingrid Reich

fast exchange, beautiful caps, all to the best TY Mindaugas

23 June 2020
Mindaugas Bernatonis

Thank you for 101 beer caps trade and great communication! Fast postal delivery from Germany.

23 June 2020
Ala Karanauskiene

Mindaugai, aciu labai us susitikima ir gerus mainus!
Thank You very much for swap caps! 2020.02.03.

4 February 2020
Mindaugas Bernatonis

Ačiū už mainus ir gerą pažintį! 2020.02.03

4 February 2020
Kolpez Kolpe

Great exchange. Thanks Mindaugas

16 August 2019
Mindaugas Bernatonis

Dear Marcos, thank you very much for perfect caps from USA and Canada. Professional collector!

16 August 2019
Mindaugas Bernatonis

Dear Carlos,
Thank you for easy communication and your offer of very nice beer caps for the collection!
Best regards. 2019-08-08

8 August 2019
Harald Harms

a beautiful big exchange,future trade always welcome

24 June 2019
Mindaugas Bernatonis

Dear Harald, thank you for this first big exchange of caps: collection set and extra caps. We will trade again in the future. 2019-06-21

25 June 2019
Serge Moal

Thank you for this nice trade and your help after to find some caps

11 June 2019
Mindaugas Bernatonis

Thank you for the great trade! Different year set of Kronenbourg and other beer caps I like very much. 2019-06-09

10 June 2019
Juri & Udo Dümmer

Very kind and smooth trade in March 2019.
Although I am still waiting, but no problem!
Thanks Mindaugas, what a nanme!

5 April 2019
Mindaugas Bernatonis

We trade 40:40 beer caps: worldwide and local: GER - LTU. Caps are perfect! Udo, thank you for this trade. Dundulis rules! :) 2019.04.04

4 April 2019
Antonio Martinez Caballero

perfecto,un gran coleccionista

10 December 2018
Mindaugas Bernatonis

We trade more than 70 x 70 caps. Perfect caps! Nice parcel with post stamps. 2018-12-10

10 December 2018
Marius Cioiu

Beautiful caps, fast trade. I recommend Mindaugas to everyone, he is a very serious trade partner. Great communication, lots of details regarding local caps. Looking forward to trade again with such a dedicated collector!

25 October 2018
Mindaugas Bernatonis

Honest and serious collector, our colleague with best communication skills! We trade local and world beer caps 50:50. We will trade again for sure. 2018-10-24

25 October 2018
Tomasz Maruszak

Very good blind trade. Perfect caps. Thank You. (10.2018)

5 October 2018
Mindaugas Bernatonis

Dear Tomasz, thank you very much for the blind trade (100:100 local and foreign beer caps)!

4 October 2018
Rainer Sempell

excellent partner!

13 August 2018
Mindaugas Bernatonis

We exchange shampagne corks on local (GER) beer caps. Many thanks for this exchange! 2018-08-15

16 August 2018
Sergey Kormshchikov

good exchange, I recommend, 80

24 July 2018
Mindaugas Bernatonis

Thanks for the trade of nice 80 caps! 2018-07-23

24 July 2018
Isidre Ferrando

An excellent trade,very kind person and nice caps thanks

30 April 2018
Mindaugas Bernatonis

Thank you very much! We trade 130:130 beer caps. Really professional collector!
All caps 100% perfect quality. 2018.04.25

26 April 2018
Ryszard Buda

Thanks the trade!

28 April 2018
Mindaugas Bernatonis

Thanks for the trade 34:34 beer caps! Always pleasure to receive caps from Scandinavia. 2018.04.27

30 April 2018
Konrad Drewniak

Very good trade. Thanks.

1 April 2018
Mindaugas Bernatonis

Many many thanks for 60 nice beer caps. Silent, but pleasant trade. 2016.01.20

22 January 2016
Rainer Mehlhorn

Big trade in February 2018. Thank you very much Mindaugas. You are one of the best collectors, I have ever traded.

24 February 2018
Mindaugas Bernatonis

Dear Rainer, thank you so much for the big beer caps tarde. Caps of super quality. 2018.03.02

3 March 2018
Ramūnas Ežerskis

All right, perfect trade.

30 December 2017
Mindaugas Bernatonis

Labai ačiū už profesionalų, tikslų ir konstruktyvų bendravimą bei mainus. 2018-01-05

8 January 2018
Mindaugas Bernatonis

Dear Bernhard, thank you for extra caps and caps from microbreweries. It was one of the greatest trades this year! Best regards. 2017.11.01

10 November 2017
Przemek Konieczny

Great trade, easy confirmation. I recommend!

19 October 2017
Mindaugas Bernatonis

Professional collector. Ideal quality of beer caps. Very rich list of double caps. Great offerings of caps from local microbreweries. My strong recommendations! Thank you for trade, great pleasure. 2017.10.19

23 October 2017
Karoly Focze

Thank you swap !

18 October 2017
Mindaugas Bernatonis

Dear Karoly, many thanks for 120 nice / rare / exotic beer caps and local coasters. I wish you perfect health and many new caps in your collection. 2016.08.01

2 August 2016