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Danny Pieters

Nice trade, thanks Günther - 1/10/2019

6 December 2019
Nils & Detlef Holz

Sehr schöner, schneller, unkomplizierter und netter Tausch. Alles super!

30 March 2019
Günther Engels

Sehr netter und unkomplizierter Tausch 03/2019. Gerne wieder!

3 April 2019
Chaz Lebouthillier

Excellent trade at Hirschaid 2019!


12 March 2019
Günther Engels

Wonderfull trade at the meeting in Hirschaid 2019. Thanks Chaz!

13 March 2019
Mark Tylicki

Guenther and I completed a great trade and I received the caps within a week. Incredible! He helped me with several German sets and sent a bunch of other fantastic crowns. In all, we exchanged over 120 caps. Thank you!!!

8 April 2018
Günther Engels

Mark is a very reliable and friendly trading partner,
we had a good and big trade in March 2018.
I hope to trade with him again in the future.

9 April 2018
Tim Seifert

good trade, thank you.
Many Greetings

28 March 2018
Günther Engels

Good and fast trade, thank you Tim.

28 March 2018
Sven Gorisch

Sehr freundlicher Kontakt, super Ware, so macht Tauschen spaß!

29 January 2018
Günther Engels

Netter Tausch 1/2018, gute Ware, verlässlicher Tauschpartner, gerne wieder.
Nice trade with good caps, reliable trading partner.

2 February 2018
Arthur Seiler

Ein einwandfreier Tausch mit Günther! Alles verlief reibungslos, samt guter Kommunikation - ich danke Dir!

4 June 2017
Günther Engels

Sehr netter Tausch in 6/2017, super Kommunikation, gerne wieder.
Wonderful exchange, very friendly and reliable trading partner.

4 June 2017
Thomas Langer

Netter Tausch. Gute Kappen.

9 December 2016
Günther Engels

Netter Tausch mit super Kronkorken im Dezember 2016. Vielen Dank Thomas!

10 December 2016
Thomas Steindorff

Sehr nett, unkommpliziert und zuverlässig.
Ein erneuter toller Tausch (12/2018)

22 August 2016
Günther Engels

Netter Tausch und Kontakt, gerne wieder. 8/2016

22 August 2016
Deleted Deleted

Auch dir recht vielen Dank für das Anfängerpäckchen, habe mich riesig gefreut, super Sachen waren dabei!

5 February 2015
Paul Slattery

Super trade. I would recommend this man.

7 September 2014
Günther Engels

Very good trade with many new caps, very friendly and reliable trading partner. Thank you, mate!

3 June 2012
Jürgen Terbeck

Sehr angenehmer, entspannter Tausch. Vielen Dank, Günther!

25 August 2014
Günther Engels

Netter, entspannter Tausch, gerne wieder!
Jürgen is a very reliable and friendly tradingpartner.

26 August 2014
Yves De Ronne

Good trade

17 July 2014
Günther Engels

Good trade, nice contact. Very recommendable.

22 July 2014
Julian Lara

Thanks Gunther for another good trade

16 February 2014
Günther Engels

Thanks Julian for another good trade in 2/2014

16 February 2014
Horst Dehn

Sehr großzügiger Tauschpartner!

15 December 2013
Günther Engels

Netter kleiner Tausch 12/2013, gerne wieder.

16 December 2013
Donn Neal

Very fine caps and a pleasant exchange. I look forward to the next trade!

18 October 2013
Günther Engels

Very friendly and reliable trading partner. Thank you Donn, I hope we will trade again soon.

18 October 2013
Manuel Vazquez

Trade blind (200 units). The caps are excellent: very interesting and in very good condition. A generous colleague, 100% recommended. Thank you.

3 September 2013
Günther Engels

We had a nice blind trade in Sept. 2013. Manolo is a very friendly and reliable trading partner.

6 September 2013
Jacky Besegher

no problem

21 April 2013
Günther Engels

wonderful trade, thanks Jacky

21 April 2013