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Olaf Löhmer

One of the longest trades, but no problem due to very interesting communication to other topics than crowncaps - but not at least very nice caps! Thanks, recommended - until next time!

27 October 2021
Hannes Pehlak

Very nice communication and large number of excellent caps!

28 October 2021
Mauro Trocchi

Ottimo scambio.
Grazie e al prossimo scambio.

11 November 2020
Hannes Pehlak

Thanks for the good trade!

11 November 2020
Jordi Prieto

Thanks for a very good and nice trade!!! It really took our time (we had holidays in the middle...) but I think that the impotant is enjoy the trade!!! So, thanks Hannes for this good trade. Keep in touch!!!!

24 October 2020
Hannes Pehlak

It was a really nice trade. Thank you Jordi!

20 October 2020
Michael Griesch

small, but nice trade in August 2020

8 September 2020
Hannes Pehlak

We have had good contact for a longer time which resulted a small but fine-tuned trade. Thank you!

8 September 2020
Hannes Pehlak

Thanks for the good trade! 2020-02

22 February 2020
Aaron Klingler

It was a pleasure to trade with Hannes!

16 November 2019
Hannes Pehlak

Very nice trade! 2019-11

22 November 2019
Elija und Michael Podwonek

Very good trade! Nice caps from Estonia ; very good communication.

8 February 2016