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Danny Pieters

Nice trade, thanks Joël - 15/02/2020

26 May 2020
Joel Obry

It's a pleasure to trade with Danny

19 May 2020
Fred Saintandré

Je recommande Joel pour vos futurs échanges

4 May 2020
Joel Obry

Jolies capsules, échange rapide. Merci Fred

4 May 2020
Laurent Robcis

Merci Joël pour ces échanges sérieux . Je recommande

21 March 2020
Joel Obry

Merci pour la qualité de l'échange et des capsules;
Je recommande

21 March 2020
Toni Campos

OK. Todo perfecto

15 March 2020
Joel Obry

25 February 2020
Manuel S.

Quick and easy, very enjoyable exchange, thanks!

6 January 2020
Joel Obry

27 January 2020
Panagiotis Papathanasiou

Thanks a lot for nice crown caps AAA+

2 December 2019
Wojciech Kobiella

Everything OK!
Highly recommended!

1 October 2019
Serge Moal

Merci Joel, petit mais excellent échange. Capsules en excellent état

18 September 2019
Joel Obry

20 September 2019
Aleksandr Titov

quick and good!

12 August 2019
Margarita Jankauskienė

Thank you, Joel, for a friendly communication, nice caps and fast delivery.:) 2019.08.09

9 August 2019
Alexey Vl. Orekhov

Perfect! Thanks for trade.

30 September 2018
Yves De Ronne

Good trade in Noordhorn

16 July 2018
Erik Haaijema

Nice trade on the meeting in Noordhorn, thanks. Till next year I hope

16 July 2018
Vasiliy A. Russkikh

Everything was good!

29 May 2018
Jürgen Terbeck

Very nice trade with a very friendly collector, thank you!!!

8 May 2018
Jean-Louis Engelvin

Echange par &quot;épisodes&quot; suite à ma disponibilité réduite actuellement mais grâce à la patience cet échange a été intéressant. Prêt à faire un nouvel échange sans problème.

13 January 2018
Kal Bavisi

Excellent trade, perfect caps and good communication. thank you.
Great 2nd trade July 2018, thank you!
Super 3rd tarde October 2018, thank you!

18 December 2017
Joel Obry

5 January 2018
Leen Baas

Thanks for the nice caps

24 November 2017
Joel Obry

25 November 2017