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Nik Gyu

Our trade took a long time to arrange due to shipping delays but once we found a way around those it was done quickly and efficiently. I am very happy to have traded with Gil, who is a generous and kind person and collector. Highly recommended and I hope to trade again.

23 May 2022
Erich Kahl

a very good trade. quality caps and super fast delivery.
cheers Gil

18 March 2022
Gil Madsen-Lefebvre

Ich bestätige Erich ist ein guter kronkorken Sammlung und Tauchpartner.
I confirm Erich is a good crown cap collector and trader.

15 March 2022
Francisco Miguel Marote

Nice change of caps. I recommend Gil to all collectors.

4 March 2022
Gil Madsen-Lefebvre

Muito bom colecionador de tampinhas de cerveja, obrigado por esta troca.
Great beer cap collector, thanks for the trade Francisco

4 March 2022
Anton Elesin

Great emotions from communication and exchange. I recommend it!

19 January 2022
Gil Madsen-Lefebvre

Великая торговля с Антон. It was a pleasure trading with you!

6 January 2022
Leif Larsen

This lighthousecollector in Canada wanted one single cap from Norway.
It ended up by a little bigger trade where I got some new norwegians and some exotic. Gil got some nice norwegians included some corklined. A nice trade with a recommendable collector. Thanks Gil! :)

24 November 2021
Gil Madsen-Lefebvre

Leif is a great trading partner; always trying to satisfy both sides of the trade. Recommend this great Norseman!

24 November 2021
Daniel Palma

Thank you Gil for this very nice trade. Very reliable collector. Hope we trade again.

22 November 2021
Gil Madsen-Lefebvre

Fue un placer de hacer un intercambio con Daniel.

17 December 2021
Norbert Schlegel

Thank you so much for this perfekt and nice exchange, very recommend for every collector.
All the best to you!

30 September 2021
Gil Madsen-Lefebvre

It was a pleasure to exchange with you Norbert, thank you for your caps.

4 October 2021
Valery Shiman

Excellent trade! Thank you so much!

26 September 2021
Gil Madsen-Lefebvre

Always glad to trade with another Canadian collector. Hope we can renew the experience.

24 September 2021
Pawel Goldyn

Simply a perfect swap, beautiful caps, Gil is a very friendly and helpful collector. Thank you very much, good luck with your collection and see you next time!

19 September 2021
Gil Madsen-Lefebvre

What a wonderful trade with Pawel ! I got more than I thought with a very pleasant collector.
We had good communication, I highly recommend.

17 September 2021
Joel Obry

Merci Gil pour cet agréable échange de jolies capsules

12 June 2021
Gil Madsen-Lefebvre

Merci Joel pour notre échange de capsules de bonne qualité. (06/21)

12 June 2021
Wenlei Shi

The package has been received. The cap is very beautiful. Thank you very much. We look forward to working together again.

22 January 2021
Gil Madsen-Lefebvre

Thank you Wenlei for the nice and excellent condition caps I got from you. Hope you get my parcel soon. Hope to have more trade with you even if postal service is slow.

17 January 2021
Sergey Kusnetsov

Good trade

27 November 2020
Gil Madsen-Lefebvre

It took a long time to arrive but what a nice variety of excellent Russian beer caps to add to my collection. Thank you Sergey. (Dec.2017)

20 December 2017
Ryszard Buda

Perfect Exchanges. Thank you very much.

24 November 2020
Gil Madsen-Lefebvre

Great Swedish beer caps from Ryszard. Fast trade let's do more in the future.

17 January 2021
Phil Wood

Lovely caps from British Columbia and elsewhere and a speedy exchange

19 November 2020
Gil Madsen-Lefebvre

Very enjoyable trade indeed, speed and humour is remarkable. (Nov.20)

1 December 2020
Chipia Andrea

Excellent exchange with beautiful caps, thank you so much

24 October 2020
Gil Madsen-Lefebvre

Bueno intercambio con Andrea. (Oct.20)

23 October 2020
Philippe Michy

Superbe échange

16 October 2020
Gil Madsen-Lefebvre

oui superbe échange et recommande (Oct 20)

16 October 2020
Alexxander Gorencov

Recommend, very good trade

5 September 2020
Gil Madsen-Lefebvre

It is a pleasure to trade with you Alexxander, Moldavian caps in perfect shape.
Thanks again. (Oct.2019)

11 October 2019
Gustavo Singulano

Great Trade. Excelent caps. Thank you, Gil

16 September 2019
Gil Madsen-Lefebvre

Obrigado pelo seu troca. Thank you for our trading Gustavo. Reliable and friendly collector. (sept. 2019)

12 September 2019
Steve Fowler

Thank you Gil. Great trading with you and thank you for additional information.

8 September 2019
Gil Madsen-Lefebvre

Very pleasant exchange with you Steve. Hope we can do another one soon. Jul2019

25 July 2019
Eduardo Gil Ruiz

Perfecto. rápido y buenos consejos, Gracias

20 June 2019
Gil Madsen-Lefebvre

Intercambio bueno Eduardo. Proxima vez pones por correos aereo. (July 2019)

12 July 2019