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Joel Obry

Thanks a lot Marco for this very enjoyable exchange. All is perfect.
I hope we shall can trade again

21 October 2020
Jakub Kopernický

Very good trade with nice caps and fast shipping.
Thanks a lot!

7 December 2019
Jordi Joan Bellaubi-Vea

Excellent person, more than a trader

28 September 2019
Marco Agosti

Before a great collector...a great friend!
Recommended with eyes closed! Ciao Jordi!

28 September 2019
Olavi Oja

Perfect trade, lot of micros, thank you!

4 September 2019
Marco Agosti

Great exchange! Thanks Olavi ... see you soon!

4 September 2019
Kolpez Kolpe

Great exchange! Very nice and exellent caps. Thanks Marco!

4 September 2019
Marco Agosti

Nice exchange! Excellent caps, precise and punctual collector. I'll trade again. Thanks Marcos!

4 September 2019
Marco Agosti

Excellent exchange, very nice caps as promised. Great collector, I highly recommend!

19 June 2019
Edvīns Svalbs

Excellent collector,received beautiful caps in great condition.
Thank you very much! 04.03. 2019

3 April 2019
Marco Agosti

Excellent exchange, precise and timely. I trade again. Recommended!

18 April 2019
Jacek Cisek

Very nice exchange in Hirschaid 2019 - thanks!

11 March 2019
Marco Agosti

Great exchange in Hirschaid 2019 ... I will exchange again!

14 March 2019
Guido Vogelaar

With Marco I had a great trade. 300 caps from scans. with many beautiful Italian caps. and also from scotland/england/ireland.we had very good contact. very recommendable and honest person. best caps 3x orso verde. mille grazie Marco !!!!!

12 February 2019
Marco Agosti

important exchange with excellent result. In addition to finding a great collector, I found a great friend. Perfect understanding of everything. I will certainly exchange with him again. Great Guido !!

12 February 2019
Jordi Haro Teruel

good change and great caps, thank you very much Marco!

31 January 2019
Marco Agosti

Excellent exchange, precise and timely. I trade again.

1 February 2019
Антон Козлов

Very satisfied, exchange, neat and honest collector, pleased to meet and exchange !!!!
Очень доволен,обменом,аккуратный и честный коллекционер,рад знакомству и обмену!!!!

23 July 2018
Marco Agosti

Excellent exchange!

14 July 2018
Ivan Baranok

Great trade! Top rate of 2018!
Highly recommend!

27 June 2018
Marco Agosti

perfect exchange, great person! recommended!!

10 July 2018
Ari Penttilä

Honest and friendly collector.

7 June 2018
Marco Agosti

Great exchange! Recommended !

8 June 2018
Chaz Lebouthillier

Thank you for trading with me at Hirschaid 2018!


23 March 2018
Marco Agosti

He is an excellent collector, perfect exchange . We met in Hirschaid 2018. Recommended!

25 March 2018
Juri & Udo Dümmer

Very nice and friendly trade in Hirschaid 2018.

16 March 2018