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Michel Cyr & Sons

Excellent échange. Très bonne communication. Gerald a une grande variété de bouchons de bière disponible. Merci beaucoup encore pour les beaux ajouts à ma collection, et à la prochaine...

28 May 2022
Gerald Boarino

great to have the infusion of superb Canadian caps in my collection, plus some gems from the Caribbean. thanks, Michel to you and your energetic youngsters in making this a smooth exchange. Et, oui, à la prochaine...!

28 May 2022
Beat Keller

Nice Exchange, super inner pressure, simply Wonderfull, nice fellow, to recommend.
Thank you Gerald thank you

4 May 2022
Gerald Boarino

thanks for the plethora of german and swiss caps, as well as a highly sought after item from oceania. prompt email replies accompanied by humorous emoticons were also appreciated. beat, if you will permit me a pun, i have found all to be "unbeatable".

9 May 2022
Michel Dubarle

8 nouvelles capsules pour enrichir la collection, mais le plus important les messages sympathiques et aimables de Gerry. J’espère que nous ferons de nouveaux échanges ? Thanks a lot Gerry. (26/03/2022)

26 March 2022
Gerald Boarino

in my 7 yrs. of collecting, my trade with michel has been the best ever. a small one, but one abounding with quality. adding these caps to my collection will be better than winning the Irish Sweep Stakes and El Gordo simultaneously. thanks, too, to michel for his kind indulgence. should you ever come to the States you have the standing offer of a free beer! or more?

May our future have more "beaux échanges"!

13 March 2022
Alexxander Gorencov

Am avut placere sa fac un schimb cu Gerald, este o persoana foarte amabila si prietenoasa. Am facut un schimb mare si calitativ. Multumesc mult si sper sa mai facem scimburi in viitor.

25 March 2022
Andrea Sterpa

Scambio perfetto, grazie mille.

16 March 2022
Gerald Boarino

good communication for a good trade. thank you, andrea.
a presto!

16 March 2022
Ilias Kokinis

Έντιμος και σοβαρός συλλέκτης.Πολύ φιλικός.Γρήγορη συνεννόηση και ανταλλαγή και καπάκια σε πολύ καλή κατάσταση.Ευχαριστώ για όλα.

12 March 2022
Gerald Boarino

a small, but pleasant trade: usa caps for greek. ilias gives every indication of being a generous person and a collector who is responsible and very knowledgeable.good luck in building your greek-cyprus holdings.

12 March 2022
Nik Gyu

Беше голямо удоволствие да общувам и разменям капачки с Джери: изключително интелигентен и приятен събеседник и колекционер.
Надявам се за нова размяна в скоро време!

9 March 2022
Gerald Boarino

hae verba ante diem ix mensis martii MMCCII scriptae sunt.

Ave...! Nik, commertia nostra LXXII coronnarum ex terra iaponica in communitationem pro ipso numero ex terra americana mihi multum placuit. informationes tuae super multas coronnas
etiam multum aestimo. speremus ut in diebus futuris nos alteram communitationem experior potamus ut augendas feliciter collectiones nostras... .atque Vale!

9 March 2022
Benji Boley

Gerry is a delight to trade with. Not only does he have a huge cornucopia of duplicate, pristine caps, but his communication skills are extraordinary, his attentiveness is admirable and his good nature is evident. Trade with him and make your day!

16 February 2022
Gerald Boarino

have had several trades with benji over the years. these have always been conducted without a hitch. his emails reveal a very pleasant and cooperative collector. while on the small side, our exchanges have nevertheless helped to quell my mental wanderlust.

hopefully, more exchanges await the both of us.

15 February 2022
Matjaz Zupan

Excellent trade!

Odlična menjava, toplo priporočam! Veselim se naslednje menjave.

15 August 2021
Gerald Boarino

havala vam, matjaž, for all the caps from the former yugoslavia. your nicely packaged items arrived in record time, while mine to you took triple the time with more than odd routing. go figure! for me, however, the pièce de resistance cap for this armchair traveler was guadeloupe.

indeed, another trade sometime in the near future would be most welcome.

7 July 2021
Rich Chinnock

Good small first trade. Very friendly collector, and I will exchange with again

25 July 2021
Gerald Boarino

A modest (30 caps) but fruitful exchange, with superb caps from Sri Lanka and Armenia.
Am looking forward to more pleasant exchanges with Rich!

24 July 2021
Stanislav Emirov

Thank you, Gerry! Excellent exchange and a pleasant experience.

24 May 2021
Gerald Boarino

Steve, thank you for facilitating a trade of 96 caps. While i appreciate the large number of Scandinavian caps, the pièce de resistance was/is the cap from the Aland Islands.Your humor , exuberance, care were always omnipresent in our email exchanges.

The Stockholm-Port Townsend transit took 23 days. A sign that perhaps matters are returning to "normal"?

Hopefully, there be future exchanges in the offing.

13 May 2021
Luis Alberto Bendin

Exchange in Pandemic with record time.
Thank you for sharing this exchange on a personal level and beautiful caps.
many US caps that entered my collection
As always at your disposal

20 May 2021
Gerald Boarino

My nicely wrapped 190 caps arrived from Buenos Aires in "record time." 31 days, in fact. The 100 or so Argentine caps therein make me wonder whether there are any beer caps left in tango and asado land.

Thanks, Luís, for the friendly exchange that included humor, cultural tidbits, and, last but not least, interesting bottle caps.

¡Hasta el próximo canje!

18 May 2021
Robert Dowdle

Great to trade with. Excellent caps from New Zealand and USA!

13 March 2021
Gerald Boarino

thanks for kindly facilitating my largest trade ever. your package arrived in good order and record time. Robert, much success in your hunt.

6 March 2021
Toni Campos

Tot molt bé. Enten el català!!!!!!

9 March 2021
Gerald Boarino

amic, toni. thank you for this our third trade. may i hope for a 4th?!

compliments on your carefully planned website, wherein countries are alphabetized and beer caps are presented separated from non-beer. it also helps the selection process to have your guide posts animated. a very user-friendly effort on your part.

once again: ¡ moltíssimes gràcies!

10 March 2021
Pavel Stanek

Thank you for trade excellent !!!!

23 February 2021
Gerald Boarino

Thanks so much for the pleasant and profitable trade. The caps were carefully packed and of excellent quality. Surprised at how much "exotic" traders you have and wish that I had equally attractive material to have lured more away. At least, I now have Angola, Tunisia and Tajikistan. Ain't bad for a first trade.

I can only hope that our paths will again cross and that you continue having success and enjoyment with our mutual hobby.

23 February 2021
Mattia Abbaticchio

E' stato un grande piacere aver conosciuto e scambiato con Gerald, soprattutto aver ricevuto in regalo tanti tappi di microbirrifici Usa e della Nuova Zelanda, oltre a due nazioni che non avevo.
Spero di fare tanti scambi in futuro.

29 January 2021
Gerald Boarino

A pleasure to have traded with this young and enthusiastic collector. Caps nicely package and expeditiously handled. Hope to have other trades down the road.

Thank you, colleague!

26 January 2021
Stephan Hunold

thx Gerry for excellent exchange! very fast and uncomplicated. everytime again!
Excellenter Tausch; schnell und unkompliziert. Auf jeden Fall zu empfehlen.

14 January 2021
Gerald Boarino

a very smooth exchange with a friendly and cooperative
collector. caps arrived in record time and vg. condition.
would happily exchange w. Stephan again.

21 January 2021
Jordi Cortils Munné

Excellent swap! Gerardo is a very friendly person, making deals with him is a pleasure!!! (Dec. 2020)

27 December 2020
Gerald Boarino

Your parcel arrived in record time. Thanks for the beautiful Spanish postage and the bottle caps. Many are hard to find items and would enhance any collection. In addition, many thanks for being so cooperative.

Hopefully, there will be other mutual trades down the pike!

1 January 2021
Julian Milanovic

Great trade with Gerry, who is a nice person with a friendly communication.
All his caps are amazing. Thanks a lot!
My best recommendations!!

15 November 2020
Gerald Boarino

my package to Julián in buenos aires arrived after 47 days, while his arrived in two weeks.
yet another example of how bad our usps delivery system is. the wait, though, happily brought all sorts of Latin American delights.

i highly recommend any exchange with Julián, who exemplifies so many outstanding qualities: patience, accommodation, knowledge, constant communication, etc., and all the while meeting the demands of student university life.

i would hope to trade with Julián at a later date, his student and collecting demands permitting.

15 November 2020