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Michael Brückner

sehr schöner Tausch, netter Kontakt, jederzeit wieder

18 June 2020
Thomas Steindorff

Sehr angenehmer Tauschpartner. Gerne mal wieder.

25 March 2020
Diego Fernandez Moreno

Fantastic trade with Thomas, beautiful caps in very good conditions and very kind collector
I hope we could do more trades in the future

28 May 2020
Thomas Steindorff

Great trade. thx

19 June 2020
Thomas Steindorff

Great exchange with a great trading partner. Thanks. 1/20

27 January 2020
Jarek Jaremko

Extra exchange. Thank you, Thomas.

8 August 2019
Thomas Steindorff

Großartiger Tausch mit einem netten Partner. Gerne wieder! 07/19

27 July 2019
Joan Marginet

Good collector and good trade

23 April 2019
Thomas Steindorff

Quick and easy trade with a great trading partner. Thank you. 04/19

19 April 2019
Guido Vogelaar

With Thomas I had a very great trade with lots of new german caps
and italy spain. even a new dutch amstel which I really like.
great contact and very reliable partner. hope to trade again and good luck with the family.

17 March 2019
Thomas Steindorff

Great large Trade with a very sympathic partner! I'm looking forward with joy for our next trade.

16 March 2019
Thomas Steindorff

Super! Absolut zu empfehlen! Toller Tausch mit tollen Caps!

12 October 2018
Jürgen Terbeck

Sehr schöner Tausch mit einem sehr netten Tauschpartner. Vielen Dank Thomas!

9 October 2018
Thomas Steindorff

Unkomplizierter, schneller, netter Tauschpartner. Immer gerne wieder!

7 October 2018
Mark Tylicki

Just completed a fantastic trade with Thomas of 200+ crowns. Received lots of set crowns and increased my numbers for Austria, Germany, etc. Thank you so much for an easy and fun exchange.

29 September 2018
Thomas Steindorff

Thx for this great trade. I received great caps in a very good condition from a great range. Thank you so much.

30 September 2018
Thomas Meier

Alles bestens. Sehr netter und guter Tauschpartner.

19 September 2018
Thomas Steindorff

Ein sehr netter Tauschpartner. Schnell und unkompliziert. Jederzeit gerne wieder!

18 September 2018
Manuela Maiwald

Thank you for the nice exchange. I recommend him as a nice, reliable trade partner.

18 September 2018
Thomas Steindorff

Nett, unkompliziert und schnell. Immer gerne wieder...

16 September 2018
Harry Bohlemann

Alles bestens ! Sehr gerne wieder !

23 May 2018
Thomas Steindorff

1A! Unkompliziert, schnell, zuverlässig. Sehr gerne wieder einmal!!!

23 May 2018
Ronny Frenzel

Wie immer ein guter und schneller Tausch.
Thomas ist ein zuverlässiger Tauschpartner.

15 April 2018
Thomas Steindorff

Erneut ein toller, unkomplizierter Tausch.

9 January 2018
Nils & Jürgen Thelen

Wonderful first exchange with Thomas
Very nice communication &amp; caps
Highly recommendable

26 January 2018
Thomas Steindorff

Klasse Tausch mit sehr nettem Tauschpartner. Gerne wieder!

24 January 2018
Tim Seifert

Good trade
very nice
good caps
little trade
thank you

16 December 2017
Thomas Steindorff

Superschneller und unkomplizierter Tausch!

14 December 2017
Gregor Mitis

Ausgezeichneter Tausch über ca. 250 Korken! Highly recommendable!

11 November 2017
Thomas Steindorff

Very nice trade.

10 November 2017
Luc Bertrand

Very nice caps, very good trade

11 November 2017
Thomas Steindorff

Very nice trade.

10 November 2017
Ilias Kokinis

Very good and fast trade.Thank you

23 October 2017
Thomas Steindorff

Great trade. Thx a lot

23 October 2017
Rainer Mehlhorn

Sehr schöner Tausch im Oktober 2017. Danke Thomas

5 October 2017
Thomas Steindorff

Super Tausch. Gerne wieder!

6 October 2017
Thomas Steindorff

Nice caps. Thanks

23 September 2017