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Hans Van der Aa

Perfect trade very nice caps
Thanks Olaf

20 May 2022
Olaf Löhmer

A trade with good caps and no problems! Thanks, Hans!

19 May 2022
Krzysztof Mosiej

Great trade! Nice and good contact, quick shipping, evyrthing's perfect!

14 May 2022
Olaf Löhmer

Nice trade with the Mosiej-Family - thanks for the nice caps and good communication!

13 May 2022
Miguel Trujillo Romero


3 May 2022
Olaf Löhmer

good caps, good communication, everything is fine!

3 May 2022
Peter Rae

Thanks for a very important trade for me. You may have got the volume out of the deal, but I certainly got the rarity! Quite a few caps that I have been seeking for many years, so I was delighted with the exchange.
Your sense of humour and standard of English are of the highest quality! Look forward to our next trade. Cheers!

8 April 2022
Olaf Löhmer

We started with nothing, but this trade ended up in a very generous trade! thanks a lot Peter, for the big number of caps & the smooth communication! Hopefully we can repeat this kind of trade!

8 April 2022
Sascha König

Feiner Kerl,tolles tauschmaterial,100% zuverlässig

29 March 2022
Olaf Löhmer

Sascha took much time to find very nice caps for my special interests - in addition he was very generous. Thanks a lot and we will trade again, hopefully!

24 November 2021
Gerhard Glück

I enjoyed also this trade and yes, we will trade again!

27 March 2022
Olaf Löhmer

I enjoyed that trade very much - easy communication and intersting caps. Until next time?

25 March 2022
Rüdiger Schmanns

Prima Tausch, hat rundherum Spaß gemacht. Hoffentlich bald wieder einmal.

15 March 2022
Olaf Löhmer

Many caps to choose and I found some nice caps - and Rüdiger helped to identify the difficult ones! Thanks. Recommended.

15 March 2022
Thomas Menzel

Toller Tauschpartner, schnell und unkompliziert. Gerne wieder!

9 March 2022
Olaf Löhmer

Nice caps, Thomas was friendly enough to identify the difficult soft drink caps as good as possible. Thanks, until next time.

9 March 2022
Nils & Jürgen Thelen

Schöner entspannter Tausch - immer wieder gerne.

28 January 2022
Olaf Löhmer

Ja, das waren schöne Kronkorken, nette Atmosphäre. Gerne wieder!

28 January 2022
Christian Thyen

Guter Tauschpartner. Immer wieder gerne.

30 November 2021
Olaf Löhmer

Immer sehr schöne Tauschs!

15 December 2021
Hannes Pehlak

Very nice communication and large number of excellent caps!

28 October 2021
Olaf Löhmer

One of the longest trades, but no problem due to very interesting communication to other topics than crowncaps - but not at least very nice caps! Thanks, recommended - until next time!

27 October 2021
Przemysław Śniecikowski

Very good trade, thank Olaf.

27 September 2021
Olaf Löhmer

Good trade without any complications. Recommended!

27 March 2021
Wojciech Kobiella

Everything OK!
Highly recommended!

13 September 2021
Olaf Löhmer

Quick trade with excellent caps! Recommended!

9 September 2021
Juri & Udo Dümmer

Immer wieder Top Tauschaktionen

1 August 2021
Olaf Löhmer

Ein sehr schöner Tausch, bei dem wir beide "ausgemistet" haben. Da geht noch mehr, hoffe ich... Und vorher auch schon nettes Tauschen in Hirschaid... Bis zum nächsten Mal!

22 September 2020
Günther Engels

Wonderful trade with good caps, Olaf ist a very generous and relaxed trading partner. 07/2021

18 July 2021
Olaf Löhmer

Good swapping with nice caps and chilled conversation. Thanks, until next time!

18 July 2021
Jürgen Terbeck

Sehr entspannter und guter Tausch. So macht tauschen Spaß. Vielen Dank, Olaf!!!
Können wir gerne bei Gelegenheit wiederholen.

7 July 2021
Olaf Löhmer

very smooth and chilled trade - Jürgen always took time to find caps for my special interests and I am very happy with the caps! This is how trading caps should be - until next time!

6 July 2021
José Manuel Mateos Millán

Serious and reliable collector. I am satisfied with the exchange made with him. I recommend it.

30 June 2021
Olaf Löhmer

caps in god condition - chosen & blind trade - everything is fine. Thanks.

24 June 2021
Bora Kabatepe

Great trade, very nice caps, would like to trade again!

26 June 2021
Olaf Löhmer

Good caps, and very friendly communication - everything was perfect! Thanks!

17 March 2021
Jesús Angel Avila Martínez

Buena comunicación. Fiabilidad.
Recomendable 100%
Espero repetir pronto

11 June 2021
Olaf Löhmer

We made a combined blind and chosen exchange - and everything is fine for me. Thanks for the nice caps.

11 June 2021
Astrid de la Fuente

Good exchange; excellent collector.

10 June 2021
Olaf Löhmer

Good caps, many variations. I like!

14 May 2021