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Iwona Kryk

A very successful blind exchange. Caps in perfect condition, fast shipping, everything as agreed. Alex is a 100% recommendable collector. Alex thank you for the exchange and see you next time!

20 February 2022
Rafal Radomski

Successful exchange, very good contact, caps packaged very well, I recommend it to everyone

10 April 2021
Alex Saxon

Excellent comms and a fantastic trade partner!

8 April 2021
John Kilcar

Great trade, excellently packaged. Communication good throughout, I look forward to trading again.

9 June 2020
Alex Saxon

Fantastic trade! Great comms and amazing caps. Look forward to another trade in the future.

5 May 2020
J&J Rosa

Good caps & collector

6 May 2020
Alex Saxon

Excellent trade - good caps.

7 May 2020
Matthias Schupfer

Perfect small trade 03/2020! Thanks Alex!

20 April 2020
Alex Saxon

Excellent trade! Comms perfect.

21 April 2020
Дмитрий Бреев

Все хорошо

11 February 2020
Alex Saxon

Excellent trader

5 March 2020
John  Michael Breheny

g'day Alex,
I have many Aussie and some UK uncrimped CAPS available on my new web site; unfortunately I no longer exchange caps, and am selling off most of my world collection; I will be in contact , with my website details, in a couple of days mate,
cheers with great Aussie and Pommy beers,
Aussie John Breheny.

23 January 2020