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Oscar Herraiz Pérez

Piotr is a very good collector, he's very comunicative and I only have good words for him! Thank you!

6 October 2011
Rafał Nowak

Good Trade.Thanks.

11 September 2011
Paul crowncaps

very good trade

9 May 2011
Saverio Reggio

Very nice trade, reliable trading partner. Thanks

4 March 2011
Piotr Kozlowski

Great caps, everything perfect.

6 March 2011
Federico Julio Aragón

Excellent collector! More that 140 caps in excellent conditions!
Thanks for this trade!

17 November 2010
Piotr Kozlowski

More than 130 caps, in a condition as on presented scans and sent quickly. Very reliable collector!

5 November 2010
Marcel Näckel

yeah, this is trade! thanks piotr....

12 November 2010
Piotr Kozlowski

Everything more than perfect ! :)

30 October 2010
Paul Slattery

a really good trade

6 November 2010
Arne Sramek

late, but good

1 November 2010
Piotr Kozlowski

One of my biggest trades (150 caps at once), all as expected and sent immediately. Very reliable collector!

25 October 2010
Ojars Sulte

Thank you!

14 July 2010
Dan Ionescu

I did not receive the pack, but this is the fault of the Romanian Postal Services. The pack sent by Piotr arrived at the Postal Office in Bucharest I belong to, but the people there lost it.

Thank you Piotr for helping me with the complaint to the Postal Office!
Maybe at our next trade the Romanian Postal Office will provide a better service and not lose any letters. :)
(December 2009 - June 2010)

28 June 2010
Piotr Kozlowski

Although my letter was lost by the post, I received a packaged from Dan with really nice, Romanian caps. I hope to trade with him again!

4 September 2010
Denis Komarov


14 April 2010
Piotr Kozlowski

We traded several times.

4 September 2010
Matthias Schupfer

Nice trade in 2004

3 December 2009
Danny Pieters

Very good trade,nice caps!

13 October 2009
Cesar Navarro


28 July 2009
Piotr Kozlowski

Really good trade !

4 September 2010