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Frederic Steimes

belles capsules, envoi rapide , collectionneur sérieux

30 October 2020
Heidi Maus

20 October 2020
Kai Syversen

A very nice exchange with a nice lady.

26 October 2020
Jakub Kopernický

Very nice trade of old caps! Many nice caps from Norway!
Thank you!

19 October 2020
Kai Syversen

Great replacement of old bottlecaps. Hope we can do it again later.

26 October 2020
Diego Fernandez Moreno

Good trade, very fast shipping and beautiful caps
Thank you very much Kai for the trade

25 September 2020
Leif Larsen

This trade took an abnormally long time for many different reasons, but when it was finally closed, the result was very successful.
Kai is a nice trade partner with good communication.
You can always be confident in him

26 August 2020
Kai Syversen

Great exchange with a man who has been in this hobby for a long time, and who knows a lot about it.

26 August 2020
Ari Penttilä

Honest and friendly collector.

6 July 2020
Kai Syversen

Excellent trade!

26 October 2020
Marcin Samoraj

Best trade.
Extraordinary Coca-cola caps. Great non beer caps. All caps amazing... I stand without words to Say when ive got it.....
Love it.
Hope soon we make it again.

7 May 2020
Filippo Fangarezzi

Excellent trade!
Feb 2020

7 March 2020
J&J Rosa

Good trade &amp; excellent collector

3 January 2020
Andrea Sterpa

Perfect exchange. Good caps.
I recommend this collector.
November 2019

15 November 2019
Beat Keller

get wonderful exchange, nice plastic caps and crown caps.
quickly and uncomplicatedly gone across the stage.
thanks Kai.

3 October 2019
Ingrid Reich

everything ok, TY Kai

18 September 2019
Erik Haaijema

Thanks for the caps again! Great collector

1 April 2019
Antonio Martinez Caballero

good trade,thank you

19 January 2019
Enrique Alonso

A very good collector. Thanks

17 January 2019
Manfred Kupka

Nice caps and good trade partner. Recommended 100%! Thank you very much Kai!

10 October 2018
Toni Ascotas

Perfect and fast change

3 July 2018
Jiri Zak

Nice trade, nice caps. 04/2018 Thanks Kai

3 May 2018