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Jacek Cisek

Very nice exchange in Hirschaid 2020 - thanks!

18 March 2020
Angel Vilchez Lorite

Good collector. Highly recommended, it is very easy to exchange with him.

20 February 2020
Marco Trapassi

great collector

21 February 2020
Marco Trapassi

very good trader, thanks a lot

20 February 2020
Andrea Violetti

Scambio super con persona molto cordiale e seria! Grazie Marco

8 November 2019
Marco Trapassi

grande scambio grazie e a presto

17 November 2019
Олег Колядин

Thank you for the fast and high-quality exchange!

6 November 2019
Marco Trapassi

ottimo trade partner

21 February 2020
John   Michael Breheny

A top 168 unused cap exchange was traded with Marco in February 2014.
Hopefully another trade for May 2016 Marco?

1 May 2016
Marco Trapassi

I restart to collect. If you want to trade again please let me know it

17 November 2019
Marco Odorici

Marco è stato un grande! Non mi ha ancora riferito se è arrivato il mio mini pacchetto, il suo è arrivato nel giro di 3/4 gg. Un grande davvero!

27 October 2015
Benedek Farkashazy

Very good trade with 1st class caps. Good packaging, fast shipment!
Thank you Marco, anytime again! :)

24 October 2015
Zdenko Stok

Thank you Marco To say fantastic caps is not enough. Grazie Marco

5 May 2015
Alexander Kostenko

Thank you very much. Good trading.

11 February 2015
Marco Trapassi

Very good caps

11 February 2015
Илья Сериков

very good change!

5 December 2014
Marco Trapassi

very good trade

17 November 2019
Julian Lara

Thanks Marco for this very good trade.

13 October 2014
Marco Trapassi

Very good trade-partner

5 December 2014
Karin & Lutz Rühlemann

Some very good trade in the last years. Nice trade 2014 in Florenz.

11 October 2014
Marco Trapassi

Very good caps , very good and serious collectors

12 October 2014
Jarek Jaremko

Caps great. Thank you very much Marco. 10.2014

3 October 2014
Marco Trapassi

very good trade-partner

3 October 2014
Ilias Kokinis

Marco is a great collector and a very friendly and generous person.He sent several times
very nice caps.Thank you VERY MUCH for your help.

19 August 2014
Marco Trapassi

It's always a pleasure to trade with him

19 August 2014
Carlos Cabeza

Perfect collector. I hope exchange more times.

18 July 2014
Marco Trapassi

very good collector

19 July 2014
Tomasz Mendela


27 June 2014