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Marco Petrik - Trade

Few perfect exotic trades - nice communication - a repeat is welcome anytime!

7 September 2019
Ronen Ezra

had a few trades with Marco, all were perfect. good communication, great caps. a friendly collector i am happy to recommend

8 September 2019
Bruno Moriou

I would really thanks Ronen to take the time for this trade while he was very busy with his 2 small kids. Ronen is really a very pleasant and interesting person who deserved to be known.

12 August 2019
Ronen Ezra

very nice trade with a very nice collector. definitely recommended!
thanks a lot Bruno :)

28 August 2019
Ludmil Fotev

nice first contact and trade

26 September 2018
Ronen Ezra

all good! nice trade with a reliable collector.

1 June 2018
Manuel S.

Great exchanges, thanks a lot! Easy communication and fast shipping.

23 May 2018
Ronen Ezra

very nice trade with Manuel, thank you. highly recommended collector!

2nd successful trade in August 2015. thanks a lot

28 December 2013
Maxim Shalygin

Excellent communication and choice. Many thanks!

23 May 2018
Ronen Ezra

very good trade with interesting caps. good communication, definitely waiting for our next trade!

14 July 2018
Artur Rosiak

Very good caps
Reliable partner for exchange

9 April 2018
Ronen Ezra

all good :)

3 April 2018
Roberto Alscher

all ok.

3 March 2018
Ronen Ezra

good trade with a good collector

25 February 2018
Roman Lukasevych

Thank for good trade

8 January 2018
Ronen Ezra

very nice trade, thanks

27 July 2015
Vyacheslav German

Good trade in December 2017!

18 December 2017
Ronen Ezra

good trade with interesting caps. recommended!

24 December 2017
Илья Сериков

Thank you friend!!!

21 November 2017
Ronen Ezra

very good trade. highly recommended. Thanks Ilya

5 December 2017
Krzysztof Kornacki

Super exchange. I would recommend heartily.

27 October 2017
Ronen Ezra

good trade, reliable collector :)

8 October 2017
Oscar Fabbian

Big and beautiful trade!!! Also I get a new friend, this time from Israel. Thanks a lot Ronen!!!

25 September 2017
Ronen Ezra

good trade with a good collector, thanks a lot Oscar

23 September 2017
Marco Petrik

Small, quick and honest trade with nice Israeli caps! To be continued! :-)

23 September 2017
Ronen Ezra

small and quick trade with interesting caps. very friendly collector. definitely recommended!

29 September 2017
Matthias Schupfer

Perfect trades! very good and friendly collector

12 July 2017
Ronen Ezra

we did our second trade in February 2017 - all super. thanks

1 June 2012
Jiri Zak

Very frendly collector. Nice caps. Recomanded to all. Thanks Ronen from help.

17 June 2017
Ronen Ezra

nice CZ caps, good communication and a friendly collector.

19 March 2017
Alexander Susdorf

Thank you!

8 May 2017
Ronen Ezra

all good! recommended collector

1 June 2017
Margarita Jankauskienė

A very friendly collector, an awesome trade and fast delivery:) Thank you , Ronen, for this trade:) (2017.05.02)

2 May 2017
Ronen Ezra

nice trade with Margarita, friendly and recommended collector!

25 July 2017
Bogdan Zhyliuk

Thank you for the good trade! Best recommend!

29 April 2017
Ronen Ezra

good trade with good collector, recommended!

29 April 2017