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Nils & Jürgen Thelen

Very nice trade with leon.
Good communication.
Thanks for all.

13 November 2013
Karin & Lutz Rühlemann

Nice trade, great caps - thanks Leon

10 October 2013
Leon Ash

Beautiful sets well packed and promptly sent.
Excellent communications also.

10 October 2013
Dale Shealy

Mr. Leon is a great and very fair trader, highly recommended.

17 February 2013
Leon Ash

Dale is dependable and prompt in his dealings. He cooperates and makes the trade highly enjoyable.

17 February 2013
Kyle Hargrove

17 October 2012
Ditty van Bree

Thanks Leon, it was a good and quick trade! And thanks for the extra caps!!

14 August 2012
Leon Ash

Great communicator and easy to trade with.

14 August 2012
Rene Jung

Some small very good exchange.

18 July 2012
Leon Ash

Great crowns , great trader !

18 July 2012
Jason Kassler

Always a great trade. Thanks Leon.

2 June 2012
Leon Ash

Great crowns every time.

2 June 2012
Yaroslav Mikhailov

Everything is great!
Excellent trade.

29 April 2012
Leon Ash

Excellent researcher and provides accurate information.

30 April 2012
Leif Larsen

The smallest trade I've had ever :) , but still nice for me 3:6. Amazing that I could send this North American major collector 3 Canadian caps he did not have. I got 5 good classic Danish and a little rare Dutch in return. Thank you Leon for this micro trade.

30 November 2011
Leon Ash

Excellent communicator.

29 April 2012
Rich Chinnock

Friendly and easy to trade with

7 January 2011
Leon Ash

Laurie is a great communicator, a dependable trader, and generous to a fault.

23 May 2010
Donn Neal

Good trader, easy to work with and very cooperative.

1 December 2009
Jonas de Klein

22 October 2009
Jeremy Summers

We have completed several small trades. Leon has a great collection and is a really cool guy as well.

28 August 2009
Leon Ash

Jeremy has a unique ability to discern small differences in crowns. He's a great researcher and dependable trader.

23 May 2010
Kevin Kirk

Leon and I have traded several times over the past few months and all has gone very well. His caps are all in excellent condition and he is a pleasure to deal with.

14 May 2009
Leon Ash

Kevin is a great trading partner. He is very cooperative, generous, and prompt in his communications. I've recommended him to many traders, and will continue to do so.

6 July 2009
James Gordon

Nice trades with Leon

13 May 2009
Rolandas Židonis

Very good collector. Thanks for trade!

16 April 2009