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Yves De Ronne

good trade

28 July 2021
Andreas Trauner

Perfekter Tausch! Sehr gerne wieder!

13 July 2021
Holger Beutler

Sehr schöner Tausch. Nur zu empfehlen.

16 July 2021
Leif Larsen

It was all about one single violet Grevens Cider-cap in the start, but ended up with 13 caps.
Good communications and a nice tradepartner.
I'm happy with the trade, despite the fact that one cap that I ordered, was replaced with one I did not need, for some strange reason. Welcome back, Holger :)
(The reason has been clarified and the error has been corrected. Thanks Holger)

5 June 2021
Holger Beutler

Thnaks for the nice small trade.
Quantity and quality are some different things. And our trade was high-quality.

18 June 2021
Eckhard Lück

Herzlichen Dank für den sehr angenehmen Tausch und die schönen Kronkorken.

27 April 2021
Holger Beutler

Ein sehr schöner Tausch mit einem sehr angenehmen Tauschpartner. Besten Dank.

28 April 2021
Christian Thyen

Sehr entspannt und unkompliziert

8 April 2021
Holger Beutler

Sehr schöner kleiner Tausch. 5*

8 April 2021
Matthias Schupfer

Fantastic trade!

25 March 2021
Holger Beutler

A very nice trade. Thanx Matthias.

26 March 2021
Jan Kołodziej

Very good and fast trade. Recommend collector. 01.2021

13 January 2021
Holger Beutler

Nice trade, thank you Jan.

14 January 2021
Kolpez Kolpe

great exchange! nice caps. Thanks Beutler

10 January 2021
Holger Beutler

Thnaks for the nice swap of 91 caps in top quality.

24 July 2020
Danny Pieters

Last trade of 2020, very good trade, nice caps,thanks Holger! 31/12/2020

1 January 2021
Holger Beutler

Thank you Danny for this nice trade.

2 January 2021
Александр Туркулец

Thanks for sharing! I recommend it to everyone, everything is great!

11 November 2020
Holger Beutler

A very nice blind trade. Thanks for it.

11 November 2020
Manuel S.

Toller Tausch, schnell und unkompliziert. Vielen Dank!

31 October 2020
Holger Beutler

Sehr schöner Tausch mit Manuel. Herzlichen Dank. 10/2020

30 October 2020
Holger Beutler

A very nice exchange. Many thanks.

26 July 2020
Joan Torramorell

Quick and perfect change! Highly recommended collector, thanks for everything!

17 October 2020
Holger Beutler

A very nice and fast exchange.
Many thanks Joan 10/20

22 October 2020
Beat Keller

So schöne alte Kronkorken bekommen. Vielen herzlichen Dank lieber Holger.
Bis zum nächsten mal wieder. Grüsse Beat

9 October 2020
Holger Beutler

Besten Dank für den netten Tausch.
Auf bald.

11 October 2020
Jérôme Palis

Nice trade, nice collector. Absolutely recommended.
Many thanks.

25 September 2020
Holger Beutler

It was a nice and fast swap. Many thanks Jérôme

25 September 2020
Carlos Miguel Medina Gonzalez

Great change. Excellent person and collector!!!

12 September 2020
Holger Beutler

It was a pleasure. Thanks Carlos

17 September 2020
Diego Fernandez Moreno

Fantastic trade with Holger, a very kind collector with lots of beautiful caps from Germany.
Thank you very much for the trade!!

12 September 2020
Holger Beutler

A very good swap with Diego.
Thank you very much.

30 August 2020
Ingrid Reich

Alles bestens, man sieht das die Deutsche Post reine Glückssache ist:-)
bis zum nächsten Mal

5 September 2020
Holger Beutler

Super schneller Tausch. Alles bestens.
Besten Dank.

26 August 2020