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Jakub Kopernický

Perfect 150 blind trade with Phil! a lot of new UK caps in my collection.

Thank you :)

22 March 2021
Phil Wood

An excellent blind exchange with Jakub which added many new caps to my collection. The caps were very well packed.

28 March 2021
Elías Montés Pimentel

Very good, easy and big trade!

25 February 2021
Phil Wood

My biggest ever exchange, with a friendly reliable collector.

24 February 2021
Ogulcan Ates

Highly recommendable collecter. Thanks for the nice UK caps!

24 February 2021
Phil Wood

Thanks for a nice trade Ogulcan. We both added the same number of new caps to our collections.

26 February 2021
Mihael Stoyanov

A reliable trade partner, high quality caps, fast delivery and excellent communication! Highly recommendable!

24 February 2021
Phil Wood

Thanks for trading nice caps and conversation.

18 February 2021
Serge Moal

Very good exchange

21 February 2021
Phil Wood

A good blind trade with many new French and Belgian caps.

18 February 2021
Ludovic Gouge

Very nice communication and caps. Lovely trade, thanks

18 February 2021
Phil Wood

Ludo offers very attractive caps and is a lovely person to deal with.

9 May 2020
Matthias Schupfer

Perfect trade 02/2021!

17 February 2021
Phil Wood

A small but very high quality exchange. Every one was a gem. I look forward to more in the future.

19 February 2021
Joel Obry

Thanks a lot for this enjoyable trade with nice caps

13 February 2021
Phil Wood

A very smooth and enjoyable trade.

13 February 2021
Santi Bustamante

A pleasure to have changed with you. Totally recommendable, nice and very fast in shipping

8 February 2021
Phil Wood

A very nice and quick blind trade of 100 beers with Santi.

31 January 2021
Mogens Wind Jensen

A great trade with many new caps in excellent condition. Hope to make other trades

6 February 2021
Phil Wood

Mogens is a very nice man with lots of good caps. A perfect blind trade!

9 February 2021
Luis J. Peraita Romeral

Very, very good exchange with a very, very great collector!!!!!
Thanks, Phil!!!

3 February 2021
Phil Wood

Thanks for a nice trade with a speedy exchange.

3 February 2021
Phil Wood

It was very difficult when Coronavirus closed communications between Russia and the UK, but Sergey was very calm and I was patient and everything worked out in the end. Sergey's caps are fantastic and well worth waiting for.

18 February 2021
Francesc Vernet Ribes

I did a trade with Phil last december and it was great
Excellent comunication and you can see he's a great man
wish to have a beer with him somewhere in the future.....

31 January 2021
Phil Wood

It was a great pleasure to meet Frans. He has a wonderful collection of caps and is very warm and generous. I look forward to an ongoing relationship and future trades.

31 January 2021
Geert Ebbens

Phil is a real social guy, good communication, caps in good condition and quick and properly sent. jan. 2021

30 January 2021
Phil Wood

Geert supplies caps of immaculate quality

31 January 2021
Paul Slattery

What a great trade with a man who loves cricket and rugby league. we had a great trade. he is honest and reliable. I will certainly trade with him again and i recommend. nice bloke for a pom!!!!

23 January 2021
Phil Wood

It’s been a great pleasure to do my biggest exchange ever. Paul is a serious collector and a very nice bloke.

22 November 2020
Norbert Schlegel

Good blind trade. Thanks.

16 January 2021
Phil Wood

Thanks Norbert for suggesting a blind trade. Clean caps and well-packaged. 60% were new to my collection and lots of pleasant surprises.

17 January 2021
Olaf Löhmer

Good caps + interesting communication = perfect exchange. And along the way I learned more about the british daylight thing... ; )
Thanks, Phil!

9 January 2021
Phil Wood

Olaf is a true gentleman and an excellent collector. I enjoyed our exchange a lot.

12 January 2021
Leon Polinovskiy

Excellent collector, highly recommended !

6 December 2020
Phil Wood

A very pleasant and productive exchange.

6 December 2020
Gil Madsen-Lefebvre

Very enjoyable trade indeed, speed and humour is remarkable. (Nov.20)

1 December 2020
Phil Wood

Lovely caps from British Columbia and elsewhere and a speedy exchange

19 November 2020