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Rob Watchorn

Very pleased with the exchange

24 July 2015
Leonid Kandinsky

Great caps, great trade!

25 June 2015
Ivan Baranok

Спасибо! Всё отлично!

15 June 2015
Leonid Kandinsky

Great trade, great caps!

10 June 2015
Nicolas dos Santos

All Great..!!!

10 June 2015
Leonid Kandinsky

Great trade, great caps!

10 June 2015
John  Michael Breheny

a top small batch unused cap trade with Leonid in May 2015-- A really great collector too.

10 June 2015
Francisco Santos

nice collector. the number one. Thanks a lot for the deal and obviously for your website

2 June 2015
Leonid Kandinsky

Great trade, thank you! Un perfecto cambio, gracias!

16 May 2015
Jasper Barsingerhorn

Great trade! Quick communication and quick postage. All received caps in great shape.

28 April 2015
Nail Mavlyutdinov

Все отлично, наилучшие рекомендации, отличный партнёр для обменов!

24 April 2015
Leonid Kandinsky

Отличный обмен, прекрасные пробки! Спасибо. / Great trade, excellent crown caps! Thanks.

24 April 2015
Juan Carlos Iritia

Perfect trade with Leonid. Thank you :)

31 March 2015
Leonid Kandinsky

A good trade, thank you! Un buen cambio, gracias!

31 March 2015
Petr Krenek

Perfect trade, thank you very much. ( 13.2.2015 - 160 caps. )

15 February 2015
Leonid Kandinsky

Excellent trade. Děkuji!

11 February 2015
Victoria Celushkovska

Great trade,fast shipping! My recommendations!

13 February 2015
Leonid Kandinsky

Excellent trades!

11 February 2015
Dmitry Mironov

Отличный обмен! Спасибо! Very good exchange! Thanks!

13 November 2014
Leonid Kandinsky

Nice trade.

20 February 2015
Mareks Sniķeris

great trade.looking forward to trade again.

31 October 2014
Leonid Kandinsky

Great trade. Thank you.

29 October 2014
Ryszard Buda

Thank you for a good trade.

18 February 2014
Leonid Kandinsky

Great trade!

3 February 2014
Valentin Rambaud

Nice Trade. Thanks

8 February 2014
Leonid Kandinsky

Nice trade / Un bon échange

22 January 2014
Leonid Kandinsky

Good trade

23 January 2014
Martín Alonso Liñán

OK. perfect.

30 December 2013
Leonid Kandinsky

Great trade, thanks

5 December 2013
Cheryl Borchardt

Thank you for a great trade. The caps are of exceptional quality and so well presented. Very nice website with a large number of trade caps from which to select.Thank You Leonid for a friendly trade. Dec 2013.

15 December 2013
Leonid Kandinsky

Excellent trade, thanks!

21 January 2014
Joan Josep Coll Bibiloni

Until the next Leonid!

14 December 2013