Trade partners - Robert & Wojtek & Maciej Szyndel
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Gerald Boarino

your neatly wrapped package arrived in record time and with pretty Polish postage affixed, no less. my compliments to you for the creation of a striking, user-friendly website that was a big aid in the selection process. as well, many appreciative thanks in being so accommodating.
this potpourri of caps received contains some welcome beauties from Algeria, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, etc. thanks ever so much!

7 May 2022
Phil Wood

It was a great pleasure to deal with the Szyndel family. It was only a small trade but of the highest quality. Their flexibility and generosity allowed me to finally acquire one of my 'must have' caps, and I was able to add to their favourites too.

26 April 2022
Frank Wiedemann

Thank you for the wonderful little swap I can only recommend you , beautiful corks received !!!!

31 March 2022
Robert & Wojtek & Maciej Szyndel

Good communication. Thanks for the quick and nice exchange !

30 March 2022
Laurent Robcis

trés sérieux encore un bel échange je recommande .

2 February 2022
Robert & Wojtek & Maciej Szyndel

Good comunication. A great exchange. Thank you very much !

7 February 2022
Nik Gyu

Thank you for the great and rare caps! Nice trade, nice collector, highly recommended.

24 January 2022
Robert & Wojtek & Maciej Szyndel

Thanks for the nice exchange. Hope to make another one soon!

16 February 2022
Yves De Ronne

good trade on the trade meeting in Hoegaarden

6 November 2021
Robert & Wojtek & Maciej Szyndel

Thank you for the good trade !

9 November 2021
Tsvetomir Stoitsev

Thank you Robert & Wojtek & Maciej! Good trade!
September 2021

3 November 2021
Robert & Wojtek & Maciej Szyndel

Caps in very good condition, fast shipping. Thanks for a good trade!

9 November 2021
Robert & Wojtek & Maciej Szyndel

Thank you! Very good trade.

31 March 2021
Robert Dowdle

Thanks for the Polish sets. Great addition to my collection.

19 March 2021
Robert & Wojtek & Maciej Szyndel

Thank you for the nice trade! Fast arrangements, fast shipping, good caps!

6 March 2021
Karen Harrison

Thanks for the new caps!

26 January 2021
Robert & Wojtek & Maciej Szyndel

Thank you! Good trade, nice caps.

31 March 2021
Ala Karanauskiene

Thank You very much for swap caps 2020.12.14.

14 December 2020
Frank Lawrenz

Robert, Wojtek and Maciej can only be recommended! An honest and quick exchange with great caps!
Many Thanks!

26 October 2020
Jürgen Terbeck

Very good trade, thank you for the nice caps.

2 August 2020
Mark Tylicki

Completed a wonderful trade by helping each other out with some difficult regional crowns. I picked up some hard to find US crowns I've been seeking and was able to help Robert & Wojtek with some tough exotic crowns. Fun all the way around! Thank you.

24 July 2020
Женя Пантелеев

A good exchange partner, I recommend.

13 February 2019
Robert & Wojtek & Maciej Szyndel

Thank you for quick and nice trade.

13 February 2019
Robert & Wojtek & Maciej Szyndel

Excellent trade partner ! Thank you for trade.

13 February 2019
Tomáš Pastorek

Perfect exchange. Great collector. Thanks a lot.

29 October 2017
Geert Ebbens

Guter und schneller Tausch, schöne kronkorken. Danke.

14 May 2017
Robert & Wojtek & Maciej Szyndel

Very nice trade ! Good communication, fast arrangements, good caps.

2 January 2017