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Barry Oremland

Jakub was very communicative and patient during our big trade that took a long time for me to assemble. Then he did his part without delay. I am happy to have traded with Jakub.

4 May 2022
Jakub Kopernický

I bought a lot of good caps from Barry! Very quick delivery and communication without problem. Thank you!

4 May 2022
Bruno Moriou

Very nice trade with a very nice collector. definitely recommended!
Ďakujem veľmi pekne, Jakub

15 March 2022
Jakub Kopernický

Nice quick trade with Bruno, I received exotic caps.

Thank you

14 March 2022
Santi Bustamante

Excellent change with Jakub, everything perfect !!

11 February 2022
Jakub Kopernický

We traded nice blind 200 caps with Santi. I found some very good caps!


11 February 2022
Eckhard Lück

Jakub, a great trade. Thanks.

11 January 2022
Jakub Kopernický

Perfect trade, quick sending. A lot of nice caps received!

Thank you!

21 December 2021
Sergey Sayapin

I was glad to exchange. my best wishes.

16 December 2021
Jakub Kopernický

Very good trade, many exotic caps and new country: Sint Maarten! Thank you!

15 December 2021
Эдуард Кочкин

Thanks for the exchange. With the replenishment of the collection.

24 November 2021
Jakub Kopernický

Very nice small trade with good caps. Thank you Eduard!

22 November 2021
Cesar Gomez

Great and fast exchange. Very friendly treatment and very interesting caps. I hope we will exchange again.

18 November 2021
Jakub Kopernický

We had nice trade wih Cesar. I received many nice caps and I find news also from blind.


15 November 2021
Krzysztof Mosiej

We have a nice trade during Collectors Meeting in Warsaw. I'm glad Jakub came and I'm pretty sure he's happy with his visit in Poland. ;)

15 October 2021
Jakub Kopernický

Yes, I am very happy to be at excellent Warsaw caps meeting for the first time. I had good trade with Krzysztof- we reserved some caps before and continue trade at meeting.

24 October 2021
Marcin Michałowicz

Jakub is a generous and friendly collector. It was a pleasure to have a trade at the meeting in Warsaw.

10 October 2021
Jakub Kopernický

Very good trade and communication with Marcin in Warsaw. Thank for the set!

10 October 2021
Vladimir Kriuchkov

A lot of rare interesting caps! I am very happy with the exchange. High-quality packaging, sending the parcel with a tracking number. Thanks! I will be glad to have more exchanges in the future!

21 September 2021
Jakub Kopernický

Perfect quick and large trade with Vladimir, many good russian caps!!

Thank you.

20 September 2021
Jarosław Nachyla

I am also very happy with the exchange. Lots of older bottle caps from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thank you Jakub!

11 September 2021
Jakub Kopernický

Excellent trade with Jaro, allmost 200 caps. A lot of nice mineral water caps and many other perfect caps! Thank you!

8 September 2021
Mihailo Alić

Great exchange with one of the biggest collectors.

17 August 2021
Jakub Kopernický

Good nice trade with Mihailo. New caps from Balcan countries.

Thank you!

17 August 2021
Bora Kabatepe

Great trade, very nice caps, would like to trade again!

26 June 2021
Jakub Kopernický

Very kind and nice trade! I received perfect older caps from Turkey and Mauritius!
Thank you very much!

15 March 2021
Astrid de la Fuente

Coleccionista 100% recomendable.

100% recommended collector.

20 June 2021
Jakub Kopernický

Perfect trade with Astrid, 200 caps, over 118 new!

19 June 2021
Benji Boley

Great, fast and easy trade with Jakub. He has a wonderful collection of duplicates available for trade. Highly recommended!

29 May 2021
Jakub Kopernický

I am happy with trade with Benji! We traded total 200 caps, some perfect exotic!
Thank you!

28 May 2021
Boris G. Nikolaev

Great exchange, great new friend from Slovakia. Thank you, Jakub!

15 May 2021
Jakub Kopernický

Perfect large blind trade of 200 caps in good condition, over 50 was new for me :)
Thank you!

14 May 2021
Kolpez Kolpe

Great exchange. many thanks Jakub.

12 May 2021
Jakub Kopernický

Nice trade with Marcos! I received some nice ones!
Thank you!

16 March 2021
Pawel Kamieniecki

Jakub is really trustworthy person. Trade with him is a pleasure. Thank you!

19 April 2021
Jakub Kopernický

Perfect trade with Pawel, many caps, also blind caps.
I reached over 80.000 caps after this trade :)
Thank you!

19 April 2021
Phil Wood

An excellent blind exchange with Jakub which added many new caps to my collection. The caps were very well packed.

28 March 2021
Jakub Kopernický

Perfect 150 blind trade with Phil! a lot of new UK caps in my collection.

Thank you :)

22 March 2021
Mario A.

sorry. wrong member ;-)

16 March 2021