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Krzysztof Astramowicz

Everything in the best order :) efficient and fast, no problems :)

1 March 2022
Eckhard Lück

Great. Thank very much for this trade.

25 February 2022
Oleg Bondarenko

thank you for the exchange!!!

1 February 2022
Jakub Kopernický

Perfect trade, quick sending. A lot of nice caps received!

Thank you!

21 December 2021
Eckhard Lück

Jakub, a great trade. Thanks.

11 January 2022
Alberto Fernandes

Very good trade....thanks!!

25 November 2021
Eckhard Lück

Great caps from Portugal. Thank you very much.

25 November 2021
Ogulcan Ates

Thanks for the great trade. Highly recommend!

22 September 2021
Eckhard Lück

Thank you very much. Great caps from Turkey. Let us trade again. The best Eckhard

22 September 2021
Thomas Pleninger

Sehr netter, unkomplizierter Tauschpartner. Danke für den schönen Tausch.

27 May 2021
Eckhard Lück

Danke Thomas, sehr schöner Tausch. Sehr empfehlenswert.

4 June 2021
Holger Beutler

Ein sehr schöner Tausch mit einem sehr angenehmen Tauschpartner. Besten Dank.

28 April 2021
Eckhard Lück

Herzlichen Dank für den sehr angenehmen Tausch und die schönen Kronkorken.

27 April 2021
Philippe Michy

Superbe échange, sérieux et à refaire

24 March 2021
Eckhard Lück

Very good exchange. Later again. All the best for you.

17 April 2021
Женя Пантелеев

A good exchange partner, I recommend.

12 March 2021
Eckhard Lück

Thank you for this trade. I am sorry that you were not satisfied. Eckhard

13 March 2021
Bogdan Zhyliuk

Thanks for the very good trade! Serious and reliable person and collector!
I advise everyone to visit his wonderful website)
Good luck, Eckhard! Best recommendations!

4 March 2021
Eckhard Lück

Very good trade. Very nice bottle caps, very fast delivery, absolutely nice communication. Thank you very much, Bogdan.

20 February 2021
Antonio Martinez Caballero

perfect,thank you

25 January 2021
Eckhard Lück

Thank you very much. Good and fast trade.

14 January 2021
Robert Dowdle

Easy to work with, received caps quickly. Thanks for the trade!

12 January 2021
Eckhard Lück

Robert, thank you very much for this nice exchange. Very nice bottle caps, good communication and fast shipping. Very reliable collector. Highly recommended.

12 January 2021
José Manuel Mateos Millán

Serious and reliable collector. I am satisfied with the exchange made with him. I recommend it.

22 December 2020
Eckhard Lück

Thank you very much for this nice trade. Highly recommended.

12 January 2021
Marek Duduś

Thanks Eckhard. Very good trade!

13 November 2020
Eckhard Lück

Great deal. Very good Polish caps. Thank you very much. Highly recommended.

13 November 2020
Beat Keller

Unglaublich schön der Tag heute, so viele tolle Kronkorken bekommen und das vor die Haustür geliefert . Ein sehr nettes Paar kennen lernen dürfen ist mir noch viel wichtiger. Könnte gleich heulen vor Freude. Danke lieber Eckhard und liebe Dagmar.

2 September 2020
Eckhard Lück

Ich bin sehr beeindruckt von Deiner Sammlung und Deiner Leidenschaft, mit der Du unser Hobby betreibst. Vielen herzlichen Dank für die schönen Kronkorken und alles Gute. Wir treffen uns mal wieder. LG Eckhard

11 September 2020
Jesús Angel Avila Martínez

Todo correcto. Facilidad en la conversación y respuesta rápida. Muy amable.

15 August 2020
Eckhard Lück

Thanks for a good trade. All the best for you. Eckhard

30 July 2020
Eckhard Lück

Danke für eine kleinen feinen Tausch. VG Eckhard

3 July 2020
David Wood

A really good trade, he has the largest collection of duplicates I’ve ever seen, with so much variation and choice. The delivery was really quick and caps arrived in perfect condition and securely packed. Hopefully we’ll get to trade again. Thanks Eckhard!

11 July 2020
Eckhard Lück

Thank you very much for this trade. Great caps and fast delivery. Highly recommended. All the best for your collection. Eckhard July 10, 2020

10 July 2020
Phil Wood

When I first started collecting caps I knew nothing. I discovered Eckhard's website and it became my encyclopaedia. So it was a great honour to then have the chance to trade with him. And I can say that the man lived up to his reputation in wisdom, enthusiasm and generosity of spirit.

30 June 2020
Eckhard Lück

Hello Phil, thank you for a very pleasant exchange with very nice bottle caps and very nice communication, see you again later. Kind regards Eckhard, June, 2020

29 June 2020
Ala Karanauskiene

Eckhard, thank You very much for nice caps swap 2020.05.23.

24 May 2020
Eckhard Lück

Thank you very much. Great deal. The best, Eckhard

26 May 2020