Trade partners - David Gray
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Thomas Meier

Alles bestens - wieder ein schöner Tausch !

11 May 2013
Matthias Schupfer

A nice trade at Hirschaid meeting 2013! good guy thanks David

11 March 2013
Andrey Firsov

Everything is great! Thank you very much! I hope for further cooperation! ! !

7 March 2013
Sydney Junior

Very good trade with David.... Excellent disposition and colaboration in trade caps.. Great person, collector and a very special friend...

23 November 2012
Nils & Jürgen Thelen

...und noch'n schöner Tausch
Auch auf dem KKf getroffen und wieder gut getauscht.
Thanks a lot for swapping caps so good with us.
it was nice to meet you !

24 September 2012
Roberto Alscher


18 August 2012
Alina Koziol

guter Tauschpartner, immer wieder gerne!

1 May 2010
David Gray

Alina it is a pleasure to trade with you

2 May 2010
Ogulcan Ates

Perfekt, Danke..

18 April 2010
David Gray

very nice trade
but the bottle caps got stuck in costumes

2 May 2010
Vladimir Popovschii

Thank's, David!

15 April 2010
David Gray

very fast and nice trade

THANKS a lot Vladimir

16 April 2010
Danny Pieters

Very nice trade,thanks David ! - 11/04/2010

13 April 2010
David Gray

Yes it was a very nice trade and a fast one to

16 April 2010
Wietze Veld

We met for the first time at the KKF meeting in 2009. Very nice (and funny) guy and very easy to trade with.

8 April 2010
David Gray

yes we had a good time trading in 2009 and 2010 and i´m looking forward to trade with you again in the future

8 April 2010