Welcome to Crowncaps.Info

Crowncaps.Info is the combination of Davide's Collector Database and The Crown Stats.

Davide's Collector Database was started by Davide Mascherini from Italy as part of his personal website. It was a long list of worldwide collectors from the US to Thailand and from Argentina to Norway. Later on, the list was made interactive by Wietze Veld from The Netherlands, so that Davide was able to log in and make changes directly online.

The Crown Stats is an initiative that dates back to the late 1980's.

Collector Jiri Kozel would ask many collectors to fill out a form in which collectors could enter their number of crowns per country. Jiri would then compile the list into a big list that showed the top collectors per country. Lateron the Crown Stats was organized in different forms by o.a. Davide Mascherini, Alex Monton and Javier Solero. Now at Crowncaps.Info collectors can enter their Crown Stats Online. This makes it more easy and the huge amount of data does not have to be compiled manually.

In the beginning of March 2007, Javier Solero (ES), Davide Mascherini (IT) and Wietze Veld (NL) decided to combine these two into a single website where the Crown Stats would be directly linked to the list of Collectors.

On december 27th, 2007, the website was made public and collectors could request their login codes and immediately jumped to the opportunity to add and edit their Collector card and Crown Stats online.

We hope you like it and that it will help to greatly enhance your personal crown collection.

Have fun,
Javier Solero (ES), Davide Mascherini (IT), Wietze Veld (NL)