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Jakub Kopernický
Jakub Kopernický Barry Oremland

I bought a lot of good caps from Barry! Very quick delivery and communication without problem. Thank you!

4 May 2022
Barry Oremland
Barry Oremland Jakub Kopernický

Jakub was very communicative and patient during our big trade that took a long time for me to assemble. Then he did his part without delay. I am happy to have traded with Jakub.

4 May 2022
Dave Cole
Dave Cole Barry Oremland

Very happy with trade

7 January 2022
Женя Пантелеев
Женя Пантелеев Barry Oremland

I bought caps from Barry twice, everything went perfectly. Who wants to add to their collection, I recommend buying from Barry.

27 November 2021
Joan Torramorell
Joan Torramorell Barry Oremland

Perfect and generous hand, thanks Barry!

9 October 2015
Wietze Veld
Wietze Veld Barry Oremland

I have traded via mail in the past with Barry.
Barry was also my host and guide to CrownVention 2007. A great and funny guy :)

18 September 2009
Eric Budesheim
Eric Budesheim Barry Oremland

I have never traded with Barry outside of Crownvention. Barry has a very large collection and a mind-boggling tradestock of worldwide caps. Barry is usually a "cap for cap" trader who knows what he is looking for and what he can offer. if you ever see Barry's trade stock in person, wait in line, then pull up a chair and cancel the next 2 hours of your appointments.

1 April 2009
Jeff Meyers
Jeff Meyers Barry Oremland

I trade with this guy every year at Crownvention!

17 March 2009
Laurence Moyer
Laurence Moyer Barry Oremland

Always good for 100 or so at CV

7 February 2009